Kindergarten Cop 2 – Shameful Sequels

Shameful Sequels returns with Kindergarten Cop 2 starring our good friend Dolph Lundgren!

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  1. I’ve actually never seen Kindergarten Cop before. Also, now I want a Twix.

  2. Dolph Lundgren. The poor man’s Ahnoold!

  3. oof, Mike have still needs some time to get back into form.

  4. A good rule #1 with sequels is to ask “Does this have a reason to exist other than to make money?” If you can’t think of one, then move along from it.

    Also, Hollywood male leads romancing women 20 or 30 years their juniors = creepy.

  5. He’s not so tough without his car is he?

  6. I thought I would never see another Shameful Sequels review… 2 years felt like forever. Also, have you gotten married in those 2 years?

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