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For what reasons could a TV series based on such a popular RPG get cancelled? What does Vampire: The Masquerade have going for it that Kindred lacks?

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  1. The best they could do for the Nosferatu was baldness, long nails and upside down Spock ears? Yeah they weren’t even trying.

    • You never played Vampire Live, did you? ?

      • There’s a difference between LARPers being unable to be as ugly as Nosferatu when they play them and a TV show not being able to. That difference being the TV show has a much larger budget to work with.

        • There’s als a difference between not being able to afford something and being lazy. And most Nosferatu players I encountered were plain lazy, with only a few smudges of color on their face that would get rubbed off during a night in the woods fairly easily. Even with a limited budget you can be more creative than that. The show was also not cheap (the make-up looks very good for what it is) they were simply lazy, especially since they didn’t even give the Nosferatu different looks. They probably wanted them to look more uniform to make them easier to identify as a homogenous group (since, yknow, the writing did nothing to establish them as a group), but even they could have worked in a few subtle differences.

          That said, LARP is of course all in good fun, there’s no real need to put your all into a costume, after all time can be just as much of a scarce resource as money and an engaging character is more important. A TV show is something entirely different. I’m not among the people who get annoyed at average-looking Nosferatu and sweater-wearing Ventrue. My jab wasn’t entirely serious, hence the emoji. I just found it funny that the creators of the TV show apparently had the same problem that many LARPers have, namely that the look pof the Nosferatu, when clashing with reality, turns into something quite mediocre.

          • I just happened to see one of those live action Count Chocula commercials, y’know the ones where they had an actual person play the character rather then a cartoon. The live action Count looked more horrific then the Nosferatu on this show. When a cereal commercial does it better then you, you know you’ve failed.

  2. “Cancelled after eight episodes.”

    So basically, Fox “Fireflied” it.

  3. The only thing I remember of this series was an episode where some of the Nosferatu vampires kinda/sorta adopted a human baby

  4. You know, I could see this getting a full on reboot.
    Vampires are due for a substantive comeback to mainstream pop culture now that zombies are pretty much out of gas.
    I could even see this getting a more substantive build up, all the clans, a bigger arc story, tie it into the release of some other related merch. Long arc, anti-hero TV shows are almost standard issue now, and this could work when given the resources such shows are typically afforded.

  5. My only memory of the show is the cop discovering something that could move the plot, and then his black friend vampire walks in out of nowhere, swipes his hand over his face, and goes “You remember anything?” “Huh? Wha? No…”

    I think it was all in one plain shot and treated as a serious dramatic climax. Even without the plot hole, it’s possibly the goofiest vampire anything ever, as well as one of entertainment’s biggest declarations of not giving a crap.

  6. Thanks a lot^^ as a fan of the game, I was really curious about this show. Glad to hear a little about it. Would you say it is worth checking despite the problems?

  7. Kindred: The Embraced may or may not have been very good (I never saw it myself), but I’m not surprised that it didn’t last long on FOX. The network has a notoriously bad track record when it comes to sci-fi programs. Interestingly, FOX is the same network that aired that terrible beyond belief Generation X TV movie in 1985. A thing so dreadful that it was never made into a series the way the producers intended. Weird how a self-described “young” network can’t seem to make a sci-fi oriented series last longer than a single season, except for Futurama, which FOX treated like crap because it wasn’t about a family.

  8. The Real Silverstar

    Kindred: The Embraced was one of those shows that came and went so quickly that I’ve never encountered anyone who’s seen it before this video. I had no idea it was an extremely nerfed adaptation of a game, and while vampire lore isn’t really my thing, the game definitely sounds more interesting than the show. The vampires on the show were so alike and interchangeable I didn’t even realize there were supposed to be different factions of them.

  9. That’s some deep analysis. I never heard of this show. You’re so good at introducing new stuff. You probably could use more jokes now that I think about it. Our Vampires Are Different is pretty basic. You just have different kinds of vampires.

  10. Honestly surprised you have done so many great reviews about what seems like a limited topic pool. I have learned a lot and in an entertaining way.

  11. I went through a period where I was pretty into the game. I never had an opportunity to actually play it, but I did like reading the game books and coming up with character ideas. I never watched much of the show since it didn’t seem that good, but I did really like Forever Knight. I agree it was a much better 90s vampire series.

  12. Eddie: Brian Thompson as a vampire? GASP!

    “Yellow is the colour of money in my country.”

    I don’t know how many countries apart from the US use only one colour for their money. Mine (Australia) doesn’t, but others might.

    (Can’t resist this: “What’s the colour of money? Don’t tell me that you think it’s green ‘coz me, I know it’s red.”)

  13. Also, it took me ages to figure what that music was you played when describing the Toreadors. Pretty much a facepalm moment when I figured it out.

  14. Eddie Fiori was awesome. He might not be much of a rebel in the series, but he still had a “working class gangster”-vibe to him – it felt like he had to fight tooth and nail to get to the top, while people like Luna got everything handed to them on a silver platter.

    Luna is even Prince, because Arkon chose him as a successor, which is something that greatly bothered me – why should an immortal vampire choose a successor? Its not that he is going to die, so he can keep ruling the Kindred indefinitely. It might be that he is bored with being on top, but why then is he still part of the Primogen? He doesn’t have any less responsibilities that way, just less control about the policies enacted.

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