King Arthur: Legend of the Sword – Projector

Film Brain finds himself flummoxed by Guy Ritchie’s bizarre reimagining of the Arthurian legend – giant elephants, kung fu masters, and rodents of unusual size, anyone?

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  1. MightyDavidson

    Wait, the Mage? Is that meant to suggest that Guy Ritchie did a King Arthur movie and didn’t bother to include Merlin? O_o

    • Merlin is barely in this version, it’s mentioned he’s apparently gone into hiding, and The Mage was taught by him. Presumably he would be a major part of a sequel, that I’m almost certain they will never make.

      • MightyDavidson

        Sounds to me like the writer, or Guy Ritchie or possibly both, didn’t understand the source material. I mean for crying out loud, Merlin mentoring Arthur as a child is the only consistent thing in the Arthurian Mythos isn’t it?

        • TragicGuineaPig

          That, Excalibur, and Guenevere’s adultery with Lancelot.

          • MightyDavidson

            Well true. The lack of Merlin as a mentor is most egregious in this case however given that it’s meant to be Arthur’s origin story and the guy who is responsible for most of that origin is more or less left out.

          • TragicGuineaPig

            Kind of like having an Origin of the X-Men, but without Professor Xavier.

          • Or the origin of Wonder Woman, without Themyscira and the Amazons.

          • TragicGuineaPig

            Wasn’t there a failed TV show where they tried to do that?

          • MightyDavidson

            The pilot was never aired, if we’re thinking of the same TV show. If it had continued they might have included the Amazons, we’ll never know though.

    • TragicGuineaPig

      That, or he’s trying to “Ghostbuster” Merlin.

  2. TragicGuineaPig

    Does Britain even have any other snakes besides the harmless natrix natrix and the relatively small and only somewhat dangerous vipera berus?

  3. That’s interesting about “The Mage”. I remember following the early announcements about this one, and Berges-Frisbey was actually stated to be playing Guinevere. I might have to go read the script to see what that’s like and compare it to the film when I eventually watch it as a rental.

  4. It’s one of the oldest stories in the English and possibly French languages all through the centuries, how could this British brainless, Dr. Insano type-person asshole botch it up so fucking hard is mind-boggling, just beyond me cause I’m a normal human being for the most part.

  5. Thank God I didn’t and never, ever see it in theaters or on home video, curses, nothing but curses and just swear words in general to describe this two-hour CGI epileptic seizure super-roller coaster of exhaustion and death. This “film” should be boycotted and censored. It’s actually worse in the technical combat department than any video game I’ve seen and played in my life.

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