Kite The Movie (With Chris Stuckmann) – Anime Abandon

Chris Stuckmann joins Sage as they cover the most unlikely anime film adaptation ever released.

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  1. I saw that just a couple weeks ago. It was a hard sit: slow, lumbering, uninteresting.
    Not enough Wiley Coyote stuff.
    Luc Besson has made a few films of this type, and they all tend to be more watchable. I recommend one of those instead.

  2. TragicGuineaPig

    Sage: barbecue is SLOW COOKING over smoke, not open flame cooking (that’s grilling).

    Also, just a note, it seems you’ve been looking fitter these days. You been working out or something?

  3. I generally like crossovers so here I am despite the fact that I’ve never heard of Sawa or Kite. ^.^

  4. “Actually Sawa means swamp!”
    I know it’s annoying to get “actually’d,” but it’s a lot worse when it’s also damagingly wrong. Of the 50 different meanings behind the name Sawa, that’s the one that doesn’t get used for women’s first names.

    Not doing this to defend the shit movie that shouldn’t have kept it in the first place, but everybody named Sawa who’d probably punch you for that.

  5. lilith_ascennding

    Samuel L. Jackson also voiced Frozone in The Incredibles. Surprised they didn’t bring that up.

  6. “I thought it was pronounced “Ki-Te”

    That was funny.

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