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The first five novels in Carrie Vaughn’s Kitty Norville series say a lot about vampires despite having the misfortune of being werewolf books.

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  1. For the note, traditionally Warewolf’s and Vapires are exact same curse. The difference is (what Hollywood somehow can’t get) is that Warewolf’s are alive and vampires are not. When living human is cursed he gradually turn in monster, both in mind and literally. Those aren’t specifically a wolfs, but generally those monsters are close enough to wolf in looks and behavior to be considered as such. Struggle with own bestial nature is parts of those legends.

    Vampires on the other hand are cursed dead bodies. Yes, literal dead bodies, not humans turn in sparkly tools. Generally most vampires are mindless.. as people call them now “zombies” (sometimes also called a “ghule” to differentiate). But in some cases if soul of dead person is evil beyond redemption it could stay using cursed body for own reasons sucking life force to stop or even revert decay (that is what people usually call a vampire). But generally in order to gain fancy vampire powers someone simply need to be a warlock or a witch, who in this sate gain huge power boost. Also basically what people call Lich or Wraith is when vampire chose to stay in coffin and focus on spreading curse and dark magic. The mirror thing is related to fact that illusions tend to not be shown on mirror, so you would see a dead body or that you talk to yourself on it.

    Generally as for remedies, everything considered as holly work. That include silver (and contrary to popular myths also iron, which is just less efficient then silver but also legit curse repellent, what isn’t is a lead used in a bullets. And that is why silver bullets are so commonly mentioned trope), some plants like Garlic, Wolfsbane and Aspen, and prayers or devotions if someone believe that they work to some degree (but generally silver in cross is more efficient the shape itself). Sunlight and fire also, but despite what myths say vampires don’t self-combustion. Thy just don’t like the sun as it weaken them. Because vampires highly rely on curse. That is even why Garlic can stop them from acting, and generally destroying the fragile body even by simply putting stick in it can work (but the thing is that you need find it first what is generally the hardest part of fight with vampire). But fighting with werewolf even if you waken curse you generally still need deal with ma living madman who can kill you anyway. That is why hunters prefer more classic weaponry like swords and bullets if possible silver, as it is hard to kill someone with the stick.

    Just a little trivia for you.

  2. Wait ’till you get to Kitty Goes to War for some more thoughts on vampires all being snooty etc.

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