Konami Sells Save Slots in MGS – Angry Rant

Konami packs the already controversial and lazy Metal Gear Survive with some of the most insulting Microtransactions – Save Slots & Loot Boxes! Awesome Job!

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  1. #FuckKonami

    Konami is really out scumming EA with this. Making they customers pay 9,99$ from extra save slots when every other game has those included for free is low. Konami is another company that’s games gamers should just boycott because if you give them money they will keep doing this over and over again.

  2. I predicted “triple A” gaming would hit a crash…and it still may…but instead we’re seeing a slow death by a thousand cuts.

    This greed is what’s driving people to platforms like Switch and innovative indie titles.

    The fanbase for Triple A games shrinks as production costs and bloated executive salaries “force” them to start nickel and diming us to ridiculous extremes. I’m not sure if this is worse than the loot box gambling phenomenon at EA, but it’s damn close.

  3. Why do people keep buying this crap?

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