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  1. All that aside this was a great ending to an awesome series. I am looking forward to other projects from this group.

  2. I don’t think this is out of the blue. They had to be more subtle with it but it was pointed out that they exchanged letters for 3 years That suggests a bit more than just a friendly relationship especially when, I think it was Mako, said Korra hadn’t done it with anyone else.

  3. Well, now I have to go back and watch seasons 3 and 4, because I didn’t pick up on it at all. That said, I can’t help but wonder if they were implying that Kuvira was also gay. I mean, not only did she never express her feelings for her fiance, but there were moments that she seemed almost forcing herself, and then she didn’t need much to shoot at him. Then when the new portal opens and Korra sees Kuvira as her reflection, I wonder if there were implications there. I can’t help but wonder if Kuvira is possibly how Korra could have become had she stayed with Mako.

    I know I might be overthinking this, (seriously, overanalysis is my default setting) but this ending just opens up possible subtext in the series.

    • A good interpretation, but I feel that Kuvira was in love with Baatar, as she is clearly remourseful for doing what she had to do. Besides, Korra is bisexual, she did love Mako as much as she now does Asami.

  4. i really think you guys should do TMNT 2012/nick version

  5. Really, I think that the ending was more of a test. To see if audiences would accepting of a lesbian/bisexual couple in a children’s show.

  6. While I am fully on board with Korrasami, two things bug me about the last minute. 1st, the last minute sort of sucks up all the attention of a near great series. More focus is on the last minute than the thousand or so minutes that came before. 2nd, Korra and Asami make sense, but this season was so light with their interaction, their hand and hand feels forced. Think about season 3 where Asami carries an unconscious Korra out, or the two fighting off bandits, or Asami’s quick thinking to keep them in Ba Sing Sae to free the airbenders, or you get my point. korrasami at the end of Season 3 or even in the three year interlude would have been perfect. In season 4, it’s like they haven’t seen each other in three years, and barely kept in touch and even then its mostly to sort through Korra’s baggage with little or no time for Asami’s. I say that because I like Asami. She’s smart and adventurous and she definitely knows how she wants to be treated.

    Personally, I think they should have ended with them kissing and left Nick to deal with the fallout. They can always say they would have answered it in that episode they had to cut for the clip show.

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      “Personally, I think they should have ended with them kissing and left Nick to deal with the fallout. They can always say they would have answered it in that episode they had to cut for the clip show.”

      I think that it is sweeter that they did not kiss. Their relationship does not need that confirmation. They know who they are to one another and move into their relationship as though it has always been there. In my opinion, they are beyond starting romance and feel love for each other strong enough where they do not need to say anything in order to convey that fact. Korra and Asami have, for all we know, been together for a while now through the letters or even before. Granted, I am the kind of sap who believes in long distance relations being able survive, but this seems to be the case and if there had been any more elaboration, Nick would have come down like a sledge hammer and pulled the plug on Korrasami faster than you could say it. I think they did very well a hinting at their blooming romance (for what they could sneak in under the radar) and it did enter my head a few times, but dismissed it as fan service thinking “there is no way they allowed to do it for real”. However, the moment they sat down together after the wedding I realized “oh my God, they are together” and started laughing as I pictured the higher ups at nick (…you know what, I am not even going to capitalize their company name any more…they have lost that kind of respect in my eyes…) reacting to Korra and Asami holding hands…wonder if any of them needed antacid afterwards. I say “thank you” to the creators for this glimpse into a brighter world and hope that they will change their minds about a continuation (But for the love of God, let it be though a better company).

  7. Such an approach with regards to story I believe would probably apply more if at the end Korra and Asami were to kiss, as in that case it would have been more suggestive of that sort of physically romantic connection which, as you state, was not suggested in a strong manner through the seasons. However, ending as they did with holding hands, is much more appropriate to the level and kind of development offered. It suggests towards a relationship that is not based on the physical attraction, something more akin to a respect and appreciation for another’s presence. I think you really miss the mark with denoting it as “puppy love”, as that sort of title tends to fit more in the context of a romantic connection, just one that incorporates a lot of the silly cliches like pet names and so forth. What exists between Korra and Asami is unspoken; as it needs no words to proclaim its presence; it’s personal, but also mutual, and in this way it’s a much deeper link then a kiss could with honesty express. Frankly, I am immensely happy they chose to express it as they did. It’s an approach to couples that is too little used in fiction, and does more justice for the nature of this pairing than a kiss could.

  8. KamenRiderHellhound

    This has EVERY Scene that Korra/Asami develop their relationship: http://www.reddit.com/r/korrasami/comments/2px4am/collection_of_all_korrasami_moments/

  9. KamenRiderHellhound

    They have been building it since season 1… though EXTREMELY subtlety:

    Someone asks for these every so often, and I sort of put one together. I just went over it and added some stuff to send to someone who was asking. I thought I’d post it here and see if anyone had anything to add. I’ll edit it with any meaningful feedback. I’m sure I missed some things.


    S1E7: This is the first time the two actually have any meaningful interaction. Asami shows Korra the racetrack and offers to take her along. It’s when Korra first realizes that Asami isn’t just a prissy rich girl, and they start to get along better. This is a minor scene, but it helps establish a lot of the future.

    Another thing I think that’s interesting about this episode is that Korra never once thinks that Asami could be with her father. She even tries to warn her immediately, trusting her completely.

    Though their relationship isn’t very prevalent in the first two seasons, the concept of trust between the two is extremely heavy for the entire show. In season 2 when Korra is breaking up with Mako, it’s over trust issues. She knows someone ratted her out, but never suspects Asami. Instead, she immediately knows it was Mako. Because there’s no trust between them.

    (I know there’s a scene at the end of season 2 where Korra asks Asami to take care of her dad before the final fight, but I don’t remember which episode it is. This is still a minor addition, but it shows she trusts Asami with an important task, and/or doesn’t want her to get hurt in the fight)

    S3E1: Korra and Asami have interactions almost immediately in season 3. Asami spends time within the first few minutes assisting and consoling Korra. Early on it’s established that Asami is now Korra’s best friend, since they’re frequently seen together. This is cemented quickly after with Asami teaching Korra how to drive, and they have a long conversation about their current relationship, how well they’re getting along now, and how there’s no resentment between them over Mako. Korra also affectionately refers to Asami as her girlfriend in this scene, prompting a smile.

    S3E2: With Korra leaving, let’s keep in mind that Asami has huge obligations (such as running a major company) in the city. Despite that, she’s tagging along anyway. Mako goes too, but he’s dragged along by his brother — Asami shows no resistance whatsoever and never objects. The two also share a laugh tormenting Mako later in the episode.

    S3E3: In this episode, it’s mostly Korra and Asami for a while. This is a recurring theme later in this season, and this is their first major team-up. This is part of the foundation of their building relationship throughout late season 3 and early season 4. In this episode, Korra takes Asami, and only Asami, to do a mission for the earth queen.

    S3E9: The group splits up again, leaving Korra with Asami. This is for a fight and not necessarily to further any relationships, but it does lead to the two bonding after this point (intentional or not). This episode basically ends with Asami carrying a helpless Korra away from their enemies. They pair the two up frequently in this season, such as:

    S3E10: This episode is all about Korra and Asami after being captured. Asami formulates a plan to help them escape and Korra follows it. They crash in the desert and work through two different plans to escape, ending up with a plan that utilizes both of their talents. When they finally get back to the city, Korra attributes their escape from the desert to Asami.

    S3E11: Asami watches over Korra while she meditates. Asami immediately offers to do so when Korra suggests her idea.

    S3E12: I believe the Mako/Korra fandom tend to cite the hug here with Mako. Korra hugs Bolin and Asami too, and actually shares words with Asami.

    S3E13: All right, this is a huge episode. For me this is the very first episode that actually had me wondering and following clues, and it’s not even until the ending. Korra goes through a lot of physical, mental, and emotional trauma in this episode, and the main person to help through it is Asami. At the end, as the poison is being pulled out of her, Asami is in the foreground, with both hands clutched over her chest. Afterward, Asami is the person tending to her before the ceremony. They have a moment where they hold hands and Asami tells her that she’s there for Korra, in whatever capacity she needs. After this point, she ends up being the primary caregiver to Korra. She takes her to the ceremony, and she bails Korra out of an unwelcome conversation with Raiko by saying they need to get inside.


    S4E2: This episode is important, since Asami is offering to uproot her entire life and go to the South Pole to live with and take care of Korra. As above, she has a big important job to do in the city; she even lands a huge contract that she would’ve missed out on otherwise. Asami’s letter (in which Asami states she misses Korra and the city isn’t the same without her) is the first one Korra reads, and the ONLY one she replies to, and is the only person she’s willing to share all of her thoughts and feelings with. Despite being around her parents and her first master, she reaches out to Asami to express her feelings.

    S4E7: After a long break, Korra is reunited with her friends in RC. The first person she meets is Asami, who’s waiting up front to greet her, while Mako is a the table. The two share a long hug and even compliment each other, while Korra blushes and calls Asami “snazzy.” At the table Mako even asks “What’s going on with you two?” once they reveal they’ve secretly kept in touch. Once things get going, Mako conflicts with both Korra and Asami by second-guessing all their decisions (about what roads to take, and jumping from the car, and whether to trust Korra’s Avatar instinct), but Korra and Asami don’t do this. If you watch all the action scenes throughout this episode, Korra always stops and assists Asami but not Mako, like when she helps her onto the train. And during the last hug she leans way more into Asami than Mako.
    S4E8: A lot of people skip or ignore this episode, but it’s actually a very strong one for Korra/Asami interaction. First of all it’s interesting that that Asami is even on Air Temple Island with Korra, considering her mansion is filled with people. She brings Korra tea umprompted with a flimsy excuse, most likely just to have a chance to talk to her. Korra’s entire narrative here is about doubting her decisions in the past and thinking that she isn’t doing the right thing. Asami shoots down every one of her objections, telling her she’s amazing and has done a lot to improve the world.


    As for the finale, other people have done a much better job of analyzing it here: http://heartlighting.tumblr.com/post/105606009782/final-bows-or-korrasami-is-canon-because

    People have also pointed out that they carefully paralleled the final hand-hold four times throughout the last two seasons, three of those being in the last season and one being RIGHT before Korra and Asami do it. All of these moments come with a verbal expression of love from the characters involved, except that Korra and Asami don’t seem to need to say it. The writers carefully planned this out over a series of years, and the stances and visuals are all identical. There’s no reason they’d establish this shot three times as a romantic moment, only to use it for Korra and Asami as the very last thing we see in Korra, if they don’t want to impart the same meaning to it. Here’s the picture comparison of all four moments: http://i3.kym-cdn.com/photos/images/original/000/883/492/9f5.jpg

    Handy guide of all their shared screen time in s3/s4: http://imgur.com/a/r0obx

    Also, here’s a random collection of shared moments:

    And lastly, for any that say all their interactions are just done “as friends,” I’d like to say this. A lot of relationships can start out as friendships, and moments that were platonic can build on a romantic relationship. The two obviously start out as friends, and even if the moments are platonic for them at the time, they ultimately end up in a romantic relationship. If nothing else it simply shows how they’ve grown very close together over the seasons, which puts them in a position where they could either stay friends or become something else. We see in the finale which they chose.

    Source: Collection of all Korrasami moments (self.korrasami) submitted 6 days ago * by Dispari_Scuro on Korrasami Sub-reddit.

  10. I’m quietly pleased with Korrasami being canon. They pretty much had the best chemistry out of the younger generation of characters in LoK and I’m glad to see they did it. I feel like they could have done a little more to build to it of course, but at the same them I’m satisfied with what they did.

    On another note, was anyone else surprised that they didn’t kill Makko? I totally thought they were leading up to a heroic sacrifice, but in retrospect a lot of fans or onlookers might have latched on to it with the Korrasami reveal.

    • so you satisfied with an asspull ?

      • It was significantly underdeveloped, but I’m not sure I’d go as far as to say it was an asspull. There wasn’t much buildup, but there was *a little.*

        An asspull is when something comes straight the fuck out of nowhere and blindsides you with absolutely no setup or foreshadowing whatsoever. For example, Aang showing up and giving Korra’s bending back in the literal last 4 minutes of S1.

        (Well, unless you count the bit about her unlocking her chakras through the events of S1, but that’s hidden so stupidly deep it was probably unintentional and just fans projecting)

        • What i think is that that last moment in the show was supossed to convey to the audience that one day these two would be toguether, not that they were in love already, when they are both holding hands, they do not know they have romantic feelings for each other, but we know because the show showed to us i guess at some point during their vacation they will find out and see what they do next, that would be very interesting considering that we havent seen a gay relationship in the avatar world yet, and we have no idea how people see it or what is the general opinión on it there, is there that kind of prejudice in the avatar world? Or is it seen in different way, who knows. (Btw Doug and Rob if you are thinking of a new show to do vlogs of i recommend either the 2012 teenage mutant ninja turtles or star wars rebels, both shows are very nostalgic and at moments very mature)

  11. thirs season was the best to me. the fourth one built up too much and didnt deliver for what i was expecting. i actually hoped they would appear kissing at the other side of the spirit world. i liked we got them together cause i was really cheering for that, but i felt they missed that. it would have been a pitch note ending (a nice kiss like, awww, not a perv kiss like that one gif. though i liked that one too hahah)
    you know. over the garden wall is decent. but you should do invader zim.
    or the first season of spongebob (there is a reason for it to be such a hit, it used to be pretty hilarious and even smart. the movie is good and it actually does make spongebob come out as gay, wich is interesting)
    so i would like to see your opinion on either invader zim or the first season of sponge bob guys. you surprised me with the gravity falls vlogs though, i love that show

    • there is a lot to four season i would have liked to see done better. the kiss thing was a nitpick
      just didnt want to make an overly long list that no one cares about

  12. The thing I liked the most about it is that I wrote an ending almost exactly like this one when they introduced Prince Wu. Except I had an epilogue in which Bolin ends up representing Zaofu, Mako becoming the police chief of Republic City. Most of the Air Benders reestablishing the Air Temples, and Korrasami helping keep peace in the world.

  13. I’ll let all the other commenters talk about the Legend of Korra being over. I’m just gonna recommend another series to watch or vlog or whatever: Over the Garden Wall. It’s a 5 episode Cartoon Network miniseries that has some similar elements to Gravity Falls. The premise is simple: Two brothers are lost in the woods trying to find their way back home. The feel is kinda americana-halloween-fairytale, and the show can get pretty whimsical and weird at times. Overall the characters are likeable, the setting is intriguing, and the villain character is awesome. So Doug, consider giving Over the Garden Wall a watch. I don’t think you’ll regret it.

  14. I just want to point out that Korra changed nothing. Change happened around her, all she did was fight. Whereas with Aang he was actively working to create positive change the whole time. Also it makes a big difference that 1 had an established power base to fight while the other fought small pocket uprisings where the power came from a small group of strong benders.

  15. Nick has referenced gay people before, in an episode of Victorious. What about the rest of the finale?! Wasn’t that great? Why only about 13 minutes to talk about the rest of the episode? Also… would this still be considered a kids show or is it now considered more of a teenager show?

  16. oh come on, you watch adventure time! you should at least know about marcegum… bubbline… you know what i mean!

  17. to me i have no problem with korra and asami as a couple. if they build it up the comics so be it to me they seemed like a friendship ending . consider asami is grieving her father sacrificing his life for hers . what bugs me is that it more like keeps a status quo about women which pisses me off. i loved the fact that korra and asami never fit into the gender roles a theme the show has always kept since the beginning korra is muscular but lithe and asami is a tech genius and business mogul in her own right . to me making korra bi was almost playing on that and it annoys me . why cant a women be as strong as korra without her having to also be attracted women on top of it ?

  18. http://www.reddit.com/r/korrasami

    A Korra x Asami reddit, completely SFW and concentrating on the romance, for the KorrAsami fans and those happy with the ending.

  19. This is the worst written ending no build up the biggest asspull ever and is sad that people say it was good praising mediocrity.

    • I could argue there was some build-up and that will require rewatching to point those moments out, and please define to me what an “asspull” mean, and would “mediocrity” mean that there is some good in it when you called this the “worst written ending?”

  20. I want you to do Venture Bros so much. Please please please at least do an overall review if you don’t want to do Vlogs.

  21. I pretty much fell the exact same way about it.
    I wish they built it up more (and went further with it; like having them actually kiss) But I know Nickelodeon is way too insanely uptight to let that happen. But I do acknowledge that there were signs (albeit very subtle) that it could happen. But again, more Nick’s fault because there’s not a exactly a whole lot they could get away with anyway.

    It’s one of those things that you have to go back and re-watch the scenes with Korra & Asami with the mindset that they are getting together. Especially the people complaining it was either forced or had no buildup. I guarantee that they weren’t viewing those scenes between Asami & Korra with any idea of them being together.

    As for the rest of the episode, It was still Awesome. The Battle both inside & outside the giant mech was really intense. I thought they were going to kill Mako for a moment. Ju Lee and Varrick “Doing the Thing” was hinted at towards the end. But it was always in the back of my head even as far back as season 2. More-so on Ju Lee’s part though. The under-appreciated assistant always willing to do the humiliating, backbreaking manual labor that’s borderline servitude, Always goes 2 ways; They either get fed with it and quit, or they put up with it because they harbor feeling for the person they are helping.
    Funnily enough, they actually ended up kind of doing both.

  22. I fully agree with you Rob they so could not have been able to develop Korrasami that well because of Nick. So that is why they had to be so subtle about it.

  23. So during the wedding Varrick was reffered to as Sir Iknik Blackstone Varrik and Jhu Lee were referred to by moon.

    Personal headcanon:
    Varrick is the reincarnation of Sokka (His sword was made from Blackstone)
    Jhu Lee is the incarnation of the moon spirit.

    Think the thing that really got Kuvira to change around was when she was starring down the barrel of the super weapon. Inches away from death and suddenly Korra jumps infront of her. She’s been running around being massively ruthless and justifying it with there being noone else who’d step up and put their life on the line. Must have shattered her entire worldview.

    Also notice how Korra learned or got help from villains from all her earlier seasons. Asami’s father helped out with the hover mechas. I think she used spirit bending while opening up the third spirit portal. Zaheer helped her get over her trauma. I think there was something else as well.

    I think it was a really nice finale. I’m going to miss these characters and this show.

  24. Well I liked this episode a lot and the ending ofcourse,they’ve been hinting at this romance quite a lot (their talks,the fact that Korra only wrote to asami all those years she was trying to get back on her feet etc),and truth be told asami and korra have 100 times more chemistry together than they both had with mako at any given time.
    I do see why some people think this could have been developed more properly..and I also think that this is the missing episode that had its place taken by the damn flashback filler..most likely on nickelodeons orders(though they did try and squeeze some interaction between asami and korra in that as well..and also another hint of affection between em as well)
    anyway it was a nice series,I definitely don’t regret watching it from day one of its release and to all those bi-haters out there…please get a lgrip… so what you lost one more 2d girl to “dream” about while you do gods know what infront of your pc screen…it is not the end of the world.

    • Technically, from a superficial fanboy standpoint, even then nothing changes. People fawn over characters all the time, regardless of their actual personality, sexuality or relationships. Even if these two are apparently bi & presently more into women…that changes things how?

      Even coming from a purely shallow standpoint, there’s no reason to bi a hater.

  25. I agree with a lot of things that you both said, but I have some ideas that I’d like to share since I don’t see many people commenting about that.

    First, I see a lot of people complaining about how much better TLA was than LOK. Actually, I can agree with that, since TLA had lesser company control than LOK and it have an overall better quality, but at the same time you can’t say that silver is junk just because it isn’t as valueable as gold, and LOK have some amazing ideas and moments. If TLA had that amazing ending where istead of killing his enemy, against all offs, Aang takes away his bending, LOK had that awesome speech by Toph about how Korra learnt from her enemies, taking the good part of their ideals and using it to make the world better, that was one strong lesson.

    Secondly, the ending. Belive me, I really like when shows does something groundbreaking, like recently in my country we had the first soap opera that had a gay couple not only “marrying” in the end, but also kissing. Also, I think that these last episodes had the epic scale on the fights that a show like this deserves. However my problem with this ending is that, like you said (but didn’t adressed it properly), this doesn’t feel like a true ending. Come on, probably this is the last time we will see an animated series of Avatar, and even though they can still expand it on comic books like they’ve done with TLA, I really wish that the last episode was more like an epilogue, wrapping up the Avatar universe, than ending the way it did.

    We saw how the people behind this show made a lot of clever writting, and I wish that they had made a better ending, one that felt like it was the end. As an exemple, many people HATE the last episode of the Teen Titans show, but for me is one of the best last episodes I’ve seen in my life. For the characters, it looks like the normal every day life, but the menssage for us, the viewers, was really beautiful, about how we should learn that things end and we have to move on, cause it’s how life works.

    I have some ideas of how they could have done that. They could show us Korra, later in her life, meeting up again with her previous lives restoring the link somehow, and talking with them about her adventures and how this teached her what exactly means to be the avatar. Or they could have shown the next avatar, meeting with Korra and Aang and learning about their great deeds as avatars. Or even maybe she meeting up with Zaheer, and truly changing his mind about the importance of some order in the world, mostly on the figure of the avatar, a bridge that links not only all the nations, but the spirit and the material world.

    But what’s done is done. And even though it could’ve been better, it is still a really great ending, and like many people said, it has been a hell of a ride. Rest in peace Avatar, and lets see if your legacy can inspire other animated shows, both from the Ocident and Orient, to be as great as you have been.

    • That message in Teen Titans isn’t bad. What was the problem was the actual STORY behind it. It raises FAR too many questions, answers none, and utterly fails to be a satisfactory finale, or even episode in any way without follow-up. Had Terra been herself and explained why she wouldn’t want to be around them anymore, or if she hadn’t been there at all and the whole episode was more like at the beginning where they had just gotten back into town, or the entire team outside of Beast Boy hadn’t been distracted away from the ENTIRE (alleged) POINT OF THE EPISODE BY A RANDOM ANONYMOUS MONSTER, then it might have been better. As is, sorry, I find that episode’s framing and writing to be among the worst the show ever got.

  26. PR stunt or not the relationship was poorly structured. No one would have even guessed that they had an attraction to each other if not for the final episode, the general consensus is that they were friends. Sure you can argue that there were hints, but no one realized this until the series was over.

    It would have been so much better if they spent less time on that God awful Asami / Korra / Mako love triangle and spent more time actually developing the relationship between Asami and Korra. I don’t blame the creators for this though, I think they wanted to go in this direction from the start but Nickelodeon being the backwards hillbillies that they are probably wouldn’t allow them to.

    I just really dislike the fact that they even had to drop subtle hints about their feelings for each other. This is 2014, we should be moving away from this whole homosexuality is taboo bullshit. If I were gay I would probably feel insulted because all other couples in the show were out in the open and defined yet the one same sex couple in the show was put in the shadows until the very last episode. I respect that they even had a same sex couple in a children’s show, I just wish they went all the way with it. Make no mistake, this is a huge step for children’s television shows, I just wanted it to be constructed much better.

  27. Rob is happy now.

  28. The episode itself was very good and the season as a whole it was ruff. Season 1 was ok and season 2 besides varrick,zhu li and first avatar story it was pretty crap. I didint like the final godzilla battle ether. I agree with doug as a story element yea the korraxasami thing wasint done well I know there were restrictions but you still gatta judge it for what it was and besides some subtle hints that could be ether seen as friendship or maybe more it just wasint done well. Also the varrick and zhu li thing didint feel forced at all after I kept seeing them both I already knew they were going to be a couple. I also love that season 3&4 were so bolin heavy since I really did like him.

    One thing I hate is that despite those iffy 2 seasons and korra still being a great show the korra and asami thing will just overshadow everything which is BS. Yea its great it happened but thats no where near the best thing about the season let alone the whole show and im sure some LGBT will call it the best show every without seeing the rest of the programe and just those 2 minutes. Also doug I doubt we will see comics since again its still a nick property and I doubt they will touch the subject again.

  29. I do like Doug’s comment about the narrative problems with the relation and the mixed feelings about it. It’s about the same reason for me. If they wanted to do a bisexual relationship, I would also like to see it doing fully, as Rob talked about.

  30. The problem with “Korrasami” isn’t network censors, although that plays a part of it. The problem is good old-fashioned shitty writing. Both Korra and Asami are essentially empty vessels, hence why people end up projecting so much upon them. Over the entire series but in Season 3 more than any other point, BOTH of those women had essentially nothing to do. Korra – the supposed “main character” is constantly sidelined to highlight the supporting cast to the point where she basically has nothing to do. Asami… Exists in Season 4, but that’s about as much as she’s involved. She drives a car at one point and welds on a robot at another. That’s about it.

    You don’t HAVE to show Korra and Asami scissoring to get the point across, if you’ll pardon the crudeness of my words. What you HAVE to show, however, is some kind of bond between the two. You have to show them sharing scenes together, you have to show them behaving with attachment and compassion. SHOW! Don’t tell! All of Season 4 and most of Season 3 are telling – not even telling, more hinting – at Korra and Asami’s relationship but that’s never shown. And you have so many perfectly pre-censored ways to show that.

    How about a heroic sacrifice? Bog standard, dirt simple storytelling trope, but it works. Question: If Korra can stop a supercharged purple cannon to save Kuvira, why couldn’t she stop it to save her friends who were getting blasted around? Answer: Put ASAMI in the crosshairs at the end. Give Korra a choice – run for cover and save herself, or dig deep and put her own life on the line for whatever slim chance there is to save her friend and… Maybe something more. That gives them something to bond over, and that serves as a final admission of feelings. And it’s not like this is some kind of Machiavellian convoluted plot twist. That’s basic screenwriting that anyone with a modicum of imagination and a heart should be able to come up with on the fly.

    You need to sell the bond between the two characters while implying the romance. If we buy the bond (I don’t, but I picked up on the unsubtle hints in the writing), then we can buy the romance once it’s revealed right at the end. But because these characters are bland and flat with no distinct personality, identity, ideology or defining characteristics – to the point where they’ve lost their identifying quirks from previous seasons – we don’t care. Yeah, it’s a good and progressive mood, but it makes for a low-impact “meh” story which comes out of nowhere and goes nowhere.

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