Legend of Korra Vlogs: THE Final Episode

She’s out there Jerry and she’s loving every minute of it!

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  1. Sorry. Story-telling wise, the Korra-Asami pairing was incredible. They had real development of meeting, getting to know each other, hanging out, becoming close friends, to becoming a pair. It blows my mind that they could have a naturally building relationship as opposed to a forced moment of two characters loving each other. A relationship that isn’t thrown in the viewers faces is surprising, to say the least.
    Korra and Asami are in love because they want to stay together, rather than staying together because they are in love.

    I was disappointed by the finale cause every other season made the climax feel completely “meh”.(already had giant energy monster battles)
    But the love story was amazing.

  2. So, now that the show is over, Doug, I think that you need to do an Old vs. New: Last Airbender vs. Legend of Korra for the Critic.

    Might be a little odd and not what the Old vs. New usually does, but I think that people would love to see it. I certainly would.

  3. There is an older anime that has a lesbian main character…id say she was, but there are no guys in the anime so i wouldnt know, but its called Strawberry Panic, its a romance anime, but i would have to say its pretty good for a romance.

  4. Am I the only one who hated seasons 3 and 4?

    The first one was awesome, great story, great character development, great villain; it really honored the original series.

    Although the second one started ignoring the character development from the fist one, from the story of Wan it turned great.

    Third season started with the human world clashing with the spirits that had come back and creating the perfect enviroment for the Avatar to be the bridge between the two worlds… Aaaaand they bring the Red Lotus crap and the conflict with the spirits wasn’t addressed.

    And then we have the fourth season that starts 3 years after the third finale WITH THE CONFLICT WITH THE SPIRITS RESOLVED and rehashing Firelord Sozin’s plan… And an avatar that sucks constantly at her job which, after four seasons, shouldn’t still be an issue.

  5. Seinfeld reference huh lol

  6. I giggled at the wolverine x Storm comment because those two are… er, or were dating in the comic book.

  7. Hey, Doug, if you are reading this, then here is a suggestion for a Nostalgia Critic:
    Old vs New: Avatar: The Last Airbender vs. Legend of Korra.
    I know it technically does not count, but you must make an exception on this one.
    Although we already know which one will win, it would be fun to look at pros and cons of both series.

  8. Matthias van Trigt

    Fucking Mako, only Bolin likes him… Twincest? Would’ve been just as well telegraphed :p.

    I didn’t like the story progression, but I did like the jack-in-the-box ending.

  9. it was a good season finale but a bad series finale especially compared to sozin’s comet. but that seems to be about korras speed. there needs to be another avatar

  10. I am happy they did all they could. I do also think it´s sad that you can only hint toward a homosexual relationship even in movies. I am happy however some more tv-shows are starting to have bisexuals coulpe´s. Sadly only lesbian what I know of. Even thought I have seen one guy say he is married to a man. I don´t think this is something bad for younger people to know about. I mean it´s only a way to love someone. So what are you saying if hetro love was´t in everybodies face like they are in medias people would´t know what love is? We have seen, we have grown up with horrible love coulpe´s who are boring, got no chemestry and no character. This one with Korra and Asami, if you can´t tell from there body language, then I am sorry, you are pretty thick headed. And also they did´t focus on it becuse unlike season 1, they focused just on the character´s. What they do and like. And that´s enought. Way to many coulpe´s in tv have just had the character “I am in love with this person” So I love that this one is quiet. Hope they do a novel.

  11. I liked the fact that Wu steps down of the throne to form a republic and everybody forgets that important part.

    About the Korrasami thing. I saw Birdman the same day as ths episode. Birdman has a lesbian kiss that DOES come out of NOWHERE at all. And it also leads to NOWHERE AT ALL. It sucks. And that movie is so damn popular right now. But watching made me realize how well done the Korrasami thing was done. I was one of those that thought “they’re gay” from the beggining of season 3, but thought they wouldn’t go all the way through. I’m glad they did.

  12. I think the show made a smart move on one level making Korra and Asami a couple, because it paved the way for similar relationships in other shows. However, I also feel that their relationship came out of nowhere and that it was trying to hard to be like Xena Warrior Princess. Xena did this a long time ago and it did it better. That being said, the show is good enough where I don’t really care who ends up with who. The series was a fun ride and I enjoyed the end.

  13. ilovethings andstuff

    the characters of korra and asami are clearly straight.. if they weren’t they would have shown sings before they held hands once as beset friends.. girls hold hands as friends sometimes. it’s not uncommon.. and doesn’t mean they’re gay.. if it did a majority of the female population would be considered gay

  14. ilovethings andstuff

    overall, season 4 was mess.. in no small part thanks to nickelodeon trying to get the show canceled by cutting it from tv and cutting the budget.. yeah.. their were 2 or 3 decent episodes, but overall, it was not very good.. season three should have been the end.. all over plots, the “so obvious she’s evil and will try and take over the world and its painful that no one on the show saw it” character of kuvira.. if they had ended the series at season 2 or 3 with everything resolved it would have been a better series, rather then drag on and give people the wrong idea about two straight characters.. the only part of season 4 that was good was Toph’s episodes

  15. I really loved these shows, the Last Avatar and the Legend of Korra, but season 4 in Korra lost me and that was very disappointing. I just dont think the writers are very good at writing woman characters which was the main focus in the Legend of Korra. It started to lose me at the Remembrance Episode, and i am sorry guys, i feel, it would be more so the writers/creators fault rather than thier bosses, in otherwords i think its the creators story within itself that they shot themselves in the foot. So i really couldnt see any balance at all and wasnt that suppose to be what its all about, but then again in the Remembrance episode Verrick states to his audience and to camera “Never let the truth get in the way of a good story”, well it wasnt a good story for me, i feel duped, very sad )-:

  16. Just a quick note about the hummingbird suits. I’m a science person; I can’t let this go Basically, the way hummingbirds flap their wings is in a way very similar to insects and allows them to be able to hover in place. They rotate in a figure-8 motion and the path of wind created allows for it. The machines that Asami makes allow for this as well, seeing as it’s a lot easier in battle to take down a colossus while hovering in place and cutting a hole into it.

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