Krampus – Chris Stuckmann

Chris Stuckmann and John Flickinger review Krampus.

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  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Gingerbread man killing people,almost all practical effects,and Great production value makes this a movie I gotta go see. Good review though and man john flickinger is way more buff now that I look at him*)

    • European versions of Santa myth always were darker not to mention that not exactly elves serve him (we say generally that they are enslaved demons) and so that is where idea of anti-Santa.. a Black Jack come to life. Coal as “present” for naughty was reference to large amount of fires caused by use of candles on Christmases treas.

  2. Only saw Trick ‘r’ Treat for the first time this Halloween…it’s glorious. What made me take a look at maybe seeing this movie. Not the same bar, okay…rats. 😛 Oh well. I will still try it.

  3. Good review. Oh, it’s pronounced “krahm-poos”.

  4. Now it’s 2 guys with a vegetable face, and one of them watches the unfunniest comedy show on the planet.

  5. they should do a podcast together

  6. I never had any intention to see Krampus since I don’t like horror movies for the most part, even ones that are obviously good. However, I was curious as to what you would say about this movie.

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