Kung Kwon Todd: The Plight of Mephis – Battle Geek Plus

Kung Kwon Todd and Shaq battle the evil Mephis, but there seems to be more to him than meets the eye… Can Todd and Shaq figure out what Mephis is after?

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  1. Todd’s balls getting pierced voodoo style to the Guile theme is probably the greatest thing ever. XD

    I’m so happy Todd and Shaq saved Mephis! I think one of the endings show Mephis getting restored to his human form and I probably would have went with that ending instead. Still a funny ending. 🙂

  2. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Good thing Mephis didn’t die or this would have been the saddest kktodd episode ever. Still good episode though!!

    Also are your nuts o.k. Todd

  3. Ok, I’m willing to play Shaq Fu again … :p

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