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The Nostalgia Critic looks at one of the strangest movies to come out of the 80s, and that’s saying quite a bit. It’s time to look at Labyrinth.

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  1. I’m surprised you didn’t add the original Transformers movie (especially with all the character deaths) in it.

  2. Re: One tells the truth, the other always lies.
    Since he didn’t identify which is which, it’s neither a lie nor a truth.

  3. great review doug just one criticism of the audio quality could you put a noise gate on the mic when speaking because theres alot of background noise a plugin like waves x noise would really help as im listening to headphones and as a producer this could be eliminated with one plugin.

  4. This is one of my favorite recent reviews from you, Doug. You managed to show a lot of respect to Bowie and the source material while still having fun with it. I know this movie is really silly at times and makes no sense, but I still love it anyway for its charm, its music, its creativity, and of course, for Bowie. (And yeah, that ballroom scene was my girl porn during my teenage years, I’m not ashamed to admit it)

    Oh, and the opening sketch was spot-on and hilarious. Good job!

  5. Man, who know that Kermit was scary? O_O

  6. If I am not mistaken, isn’t this the first movie to include an original chroma key effect? I watched the behind the scenes on the dvd version and saw that this was the first time the puppeteers were put into completely black costumes (this was before green chroma keying) and they had them dance on an entirely black stage.

  7. Vessel seems like a good video provider. Stick with it.

  8. Actually Sarah did pick the right door. The oubliette is not certain death. “She should not have gotten as far as the oubliette.” The novelization and story book adaptation confirm she got it right. The ground opened up because she said “It’s a piece of cake.” Something goes wrong whenever you say “It’s a piece of cake” in the Labyrinth. Even Hoggle figured that out, that’s why he groans when she says it later.

  9. Idk if it’s just me, but Vessel always quits working 2/3rd’s way into the review :/

  10. I do NOT like this new video format he’s trying. It’s caused my internet to crash three times already and it takes forever to load! Wish he’d just go back to using vimeo.

  11. 10:59 “Nothing? Tra-La-La?” … I expected a Captain Underpants joke…

    18:50 – No Frozen troll jokes?

    Anyway, great review.

  12. lilith_ascennding

    God, I love this movie. David Bowie is just so glorious in this film. And all the music is so catchy! Love it!

  13. Great movie, great review. A fitting tribute to such an awesome legend.

    What more can be said?

    I love you, 80’s films. Thanks for the memories.

  14. I think the key with ’80s kids movies is that they didn’t treat children as fragile little snowflakes. And that gave the movies some real stakes and pain and asked children to empathize with characters who had different life experiences.

    I’ve seen the Labyrinth, though it’s been a while. What I remember best is the book it was based on, my library had a copy. I remember hating it, but for personal reasons.

    Still love David Bowie, though. And seeing him also reminds me of JewWario’s turn as the Goblin King, which I thought was perfect casting.

    One of the things I find interesting and inspiring about film of all sorts is that the people on film live forever, at least in part. Sure, it’s not really them unless it’s a home movie or otherwise realistic, but it’s their performance, their face, their voice, and their hard work. And when you’re dealing with something that’s an art form, it’s something where they bring joy and catharsis forever. It’s not the same as still having them with us, but it’s something more than them just being gone.

  15. One of my favorite movies of all time. I grew up loving it and I still love it today.

  16. Great review, I finally decided to make an account after 7 years to tell say that I loved the call backs to some of your older videos, while still using skits.

  17. I recently re-watched this film for the first time in years, and I must say, the visual effects hold up incredibly well (the terrible blue screen sequence notwithstanding). There’s something about those practical sets, matte paintings and puppetry that creates such a convincing and immersive world. It has real texture and tangibility. Testament to the power of practical effects and the creativity of Jim Henson and Brian Froud.. Anyway, my fav scene is still the one with the giant goblin piloted mech suit.

  18. Good thing there’s no charity shoutout because I still can’t activate my replacement Debit Card.

  19. No Sovereign from Venture Brothers joke? Shame on you Doug.

  20. NC video that’s not an hour long? The pray were answerred!

  21. You sort of glossed over the entire coming of age part of the story… maybe deliberately, since it seems like you were going for a casual review full of dick jokes rather than anything really analytical for this one. But that’s a large part of the appeal of this movie for me- there was a genre of coming of age movies that still hold up very well today and really capture what it was like to be a child or teenager during that age (The Breakfast Club is another example of this genre). I wasn’t a teenager until the 90s, but I see a lot of my older sisters in Sarah, as well as being able to relate a bit to her emotions in retrospect.

    This movie also perfectly embodies a certain style of semi-girly 80s fantasy, full of crystals and unicorns and Muppets and strange, beautiful landscapes, often with surreal or scary elements. The Princess Bride, Time Bandits and Willow are good film examples, but this was everywhere to some degree, from toys like She-Ra to the selection of posters at shops in the mall. I feel like this started to die out in the mid-90s, and while fantasy is still popular today, it’s kind of a different flavor, more gritty, violent, directed and self-aware than the dreamlike fantasy of the 80s. But hey, we’ll always have Bowie.

  22. It is a classic story of dealing with the Fey.

  23. Best of the part of the review was when you used Kermit the frog. That was hilarious. The review as a whole was good and a nice tribute to David Bowie. Jewwario would be proud of you.

  24. Funny, but I feel as though the Kermit bit ran just a tiny bit longer than it should have…

    Also I could see the line used over the Channel Awesome logo at the very end of the video from a mile away…

  25. World’s greatest conversation; Hodor, Ludo, and Groot meet in a bar….

  26. I’ll never understand what straight men actually like about Labyrinth, It’s the epitome of a teenage girl movie.

  27. I may have seen this movie way back in the 80’s but I don’t remember if I did. I loved the was hilarious (especially the top 15 and the bit with Kermit) and was a great tribute to the late David Bowie. 🙂 Very well done! 🙂

  28. The bit with Jim Henson, Kermit & the editor of the movie was damm funny, but surely Doug knows that back when this was made movies weren’t edited on a computer, they were actually cutting & splicing strips of the film itself.

  29. I created an account specifically to say that this is exactly the type of review I like to see. Minimal bullshit skits and almost all relevant review. Please keep It up. Thank you.

  30. I need to watch Labyrinth again. This brought back so many memories of having a hardcore crush on the goblin king… *sigh*

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