Last Airbender Vlogs: Warriors of Kyoshi

Hurray! A funny episode! Looking for a short break from their travels, Aang brings the gang to the Earth Kingdom’s Kyoshi Island, where he seeks to ride “Elephant Koi,” large fish who inhabit the surrounding waters.

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David Reeder

Actually I used to watch this show with my parents.

Emilian Doyle
On the topic of A:TLA being a show that brings people together: I actually watched the whole series with my sister first, just as the finale to season 3 was coming out. We marathoned through all sixty episodes and fell in love. Then a couple months later, we sat our father down and had him watch it too, and just as we had, he laughed, cried, and cheered all the way through all three seasons. I never got into Korra, but I do hold those times where we watched those shows together as one of my brightest memories with my… Read more »