Last of the Timelords – Twatty New Who Review

The unrestrained Id of a fan is aimed at the worst episodes of Doctor Who, This time its Last of the Timelords.

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  1. Adric was a prat, but he was a prat who could who had the capability of creating a pocket dimension death trap in Castrovalva, sure it was with the Master’s help but it still makes him better then Martha.

    Was it Peri who tried to kick the Master in the nuts? If so that makes her better then Martha too, if only because I want to see this Master kicked in the balls. Why oh why couldn’t he have remained Derek Jacobi?

    • Captain Chaotica

      As I recall it was the Rani, and she actually DID kick him in the nuts! Peri was in that serial too, but she wasn’t the one who did that. I recall her wearing about half a Disney Princess dress for no reason and something about people turning into trees…

      • Yeah I actually looked it up later and realize I was mistaken. I believe Peri did manage to resist the Master’s mind control at one point which still makes her more useful then Martha.

  2. In talking of ways he could have trapped/imprisoned the master (which you mentioned towards the end) Why didn’t he use any of the ways he used in Family of blood since that happened in the same series. I always had problems with this episode if I do like the master (probably because I really like the actor playing him).

  3. Martha’s invisibility is explained.

    The TARDIS Key taps in to the Master hypnotic field to make people who wear it invisible, the Resistance is made out of the 10% of human population that is resistant to that field so they can see Martha despite her wearing the Key. The Toklofan (I don’t care enough to look up the spelling) are also made out of humans so 90% of them won’t be able to see Martha as well.

    As for the number of Toklofans the Master had, we don’t know how much time they spend in the “safe heaven” he created at the end of time, it is possible that there was actually some kind of colony where he let the survivors of humanity breed long enough until he got the numbers he needed for his army.

  4. I think the larger number Toclafane than humans in “Utopia” is because there were more humans left in the universe than the ones we saw on the planet. The signal calling humans to Utopia was broadcast throughout the universe, luring all the remnants of humanity, and combined they became the billions of Toclafane.

  5. So how is it the Doctor got all serious about messing with the bastardized TARDIS after it was modified into the paradox machine yet Jack just had to spray-and-pray some bullets at it to shut it down and reverse most of the damage?

    Also, why was there such a callous feel to not reverse things back to before Winters got killed? Was it just for some America bashing out of Davies? And what became of all the other people who were attending the event but did or didn’t get killed after the president?

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