Lazer Team and Dance Camp – Midnight Screenings

Brad and Violet review two YouTube Red movies, Lazer Team and Dance Camp.

Brad and Violet review Lazer Team from Rooster Teeth.

Brad and Violet find another dancing movie to review, but does it stack up against Dancin It’s On?

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  1. I think it’s a GREAT idea to review these new Youtube movies. I wouldn’t see this movie anyways because I can’t stand Rooster Teeth. They come off as completely unlikeable douchebags to me. I watched their Minecraft videos a couple of years ago but I stopped watching them after about a week. I’m mildly pleased that you felt the same way. I’m surprised you like Double Toasted/Spill as well. I’ve been watching them for almost as long as TGWTG/Channel Awesome.

    Besides comparing it to Dancin It’s On, how does it stack up to the Step Up franchise? It sounds like something I would like, especially now that the Step Up franchise is over. 🙁

  2. I’ll be civil about this and just say that I respect your opinions and, despite it’s faults, I still loved Lazer Team. Though that is most likely because of the fact that I am a big fan of Rooster Teeth as a whole. Similar to how the TGWTG anniversary movies in that respect, as if I didn’t like the people in it, I probably would not have enjoyed the films… though those and Lazer Team are very different types of movies, I enjoy them for the same reasons, the people in them. I will confirm that the RT Community absolutely loved it, so it did it’s job, since I’m fairly certain that they made the movie for fans first and general audiences second. Even as a fan though, I’ll admit it has flaws and even I didn’t enjoy a fair amount of the jokes in the movie (the part inside their hears actually being one of them). Despite all that it has against it, I still very much enjoy the movie, but if you don’t I can respect that.

  3. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    My sister went on and on for a week last month about how halirious Lazer Team and honestly I don’t get it and I’ll probably not end up watching it all together.

    Also that guy who your talking about who has a soft spot for a chessy dance movie(and cheesy dance movies in general) is me so I found it ironic that I was that type and I guess I’ll check out Dance Camp if it’s free online somewhere other then YouTube. Also AwesomenessTV used to be a show on Nickelodeon and I’m pretty sure they cancelled it now and I’m glad the studio that moved onto that made greater things cause man that show was awful ?

  4. YouTube Movies?

  5. The wife and I are * HUGE * fans of Rooster Teeth – Red vs. Blue, Achievement Hunters, Social Disorder, all the skits – pretty much everything across the board. We’ve been to RTX once, and we listen to their podcast whenever we take long trips.

    We were supremely disappointed in this movie.

    Before it even started (we watched it through YouTube Red), we saw that it was PG-13 and just went, “oh noooooo…!”

    Rooster Teeth is NOT a PG-13 company. Their style of humor is NEVER watered down to purposely fit the broadest audience. So just upon seeing the rating we knew we were in for something that was inherently NOT Rooster Teeth.

    The plot was boring and trite, the character archetypes were… well, archetypes. The “rivalry” (if you can call it that) between Hagan and Herman was weak and simply there to cause tension during the climax, but didn’t add anything to their characters or the relationship between them. Woody was a doofy redneck that had at least some personality in the beginning, but once he put on the helmet he just became C-3P0, spitting out relevant information when the other characters needed it and pushing the plot along when no one else could.

    Jokes fell flat. Slapstick comedy mostly missed the mark. Waaay too much time was given to the action sequences when this company is better known for their comedic banter. Plot holes galore existed with the team permanently having these super-powered items attached to them but then not using them – either intelligently or some times AT ALL – to get out of sticky situations.

    The whole thing seemed more like a pet side project for the company rather than an actual effort to make a great movie with their trademark wit. It tried too hard to be acceptable to as wide an audience as possible, and in doing so they showed their fans something that they didn’t want and they showed people that had never heard of them something that was not indicative of the rest of their portfolio – not only that, but they showed potential new fans (and customers) a first impression that was sub-par by any standards.

    … still, though – I’ll keep watching their other online content. That’s what drew me to the company as a whole over a decade ago, so that’s where I’ll stay. But this movie just wasn’t them, and it wasn’t good. I’m not gonna give them lip service for a beige blob just because I’m a bit of a super fan.

    Sad, really.

  6. Yeah I could tell as soon as I looked at any trailer for Lazer Team it was gonna be shit.
    Like, the comedy stylings of a bunch of idiots whose only claim to fame is internet Halo videos, and guys that constantly shit on each other in multiplayer games, and Michael’s literal career revolves around him being mad, screaming, and going “yeah bitch, what!”- that doesn’t lend well to theatrical release comedy.

    I’m honestly disappointed but not surprised at the fuck all.

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