Leaked Audio, EA and Disney: The Phone call

There was a phone call that went down hours before the launch of another EA fuckup…

Written/Voiced by Mike

Edits by Dan.

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  1. Wow. This was seriously unfunny. Firstly, it wrongly paints Disney as the hero descending on high to be the support discontented gamers need. The reality is they were not only responsible for signing EA in the first place giving them full permission to monetize the game how they see fit, but Disney’s decision to force EA’s hand was more likely coming due to pressure from EU based review boards investigating lootboxes as a gambling device. The mouse doesn’t want to be caught in a “selling gambling to children” trap. Disney did this to cover their own tail, not because they support the voice of the player base or think the kids are “smarter than you(EA) think”.

    Secondly, the video goes ahead and normalizes the rampant threats of death and violence against publishers and developers which has not only occurring in this instance, but has been rampant throughout gaming culture over the past few decades. This behavior should not be normalized. It is not funny and you’re only perpetuating the behavior by using it in this video as a pathetically cheap laugh. It not only advocates the use of these behaviors–it condones them. You guys are smarter than this.

    • What are you talking about? It was pretty obvious that Disney wasn’t being a hero here and was angry that it made him look bad. As for the threat of violence no one is going to watch this video and come away ready to murder someone.

      • You say that, but it HAS happened before.

        People are idiots, just waiting for an excuse to justify what they wanted to do.

        • Still this video isn’t exactly a Klan rally. They don’t even suggest the audience do anything by even the most indirect means. It’s just the Disney character being super aggressive, being mad at this is like being mad at Tom and Jerry.

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