Left Behind 3 – Hagan Reviews

At last.. Hagan has come back.. to LEFT BEHIND!

A collection of flubs, bloopers, alternate takes and behind the scenes bits from the Left Behind 3 review.

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  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Love the review hagan and I’m pretty sure the more and more I get into your work,the more and more I love it. I’m a little bit of Christian inside but that’s probably cause my dads super Christian and you should come to heaven(good will treat you good;) but as you said every character in this movies an idiot(except Kirk Cameron he’s god). Here’s how I know why: remember the movie Kirk camerons saving Christmas and how he was praised as god in that well I believe Kirk is immortal(even ask brad jones he’ll tell you all about Kirk Cameron being crazy). Seriously at the end though when I saw that copy of the left behind movie from 2014 I’m now wondering if you’ll review it(so will ya,hh,huh,is it gonna be a special hagan review)?

    Allso something I noticed in the flubs that I didn’t in the review was that I could see you thourgh the window walking to your seat and walking back to your seat(I was probably too much paying attention to the way he was on the ground and seeing when you were gonna chulk the movie outside or not to notice the first time and you said teddy didn’t have eyes but in the flubs I saw he did,so,YOU LIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Here’s what I took away from this: The Mistress is not very good at making a talking puppet with her hand.

  3. I know that lady, she was in Captain Power and the Soldiers of the Future (Jessica Steen)

  4. I hear Donald Trump’s rising in the polls. I know this has little to do with the review, but it’s the closest we’re getting to an apocalpyse. I saw this entire movie on YouTube. In fact, I see most religious movies free on YouTube. Jesus does encourage sharing! Seriously though, Kirk Cameron sucks.

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