Legend of Korra Vlogs: Finale

The last four episodes of season 2 looked at by yours truly.

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  1. The biggest issue with this finale is actually how it completely can’t have happened in perspective.

    We’ve known since Avatar’s Season 2 that the Avatar State is actually being influenced with the knowledge and power of the previous Avatars. And Season 2 severed that connection (for no real reason).

    Meaning Korra lost what makes the Avatar State possible in Season 2, then they follow it up with a story that relies on her going into the Avatar State. And it inexplicably works.


    Season 3 is actually my favorite season of Korra, but it makes no sense after Season 2’s ending. Why not have Korra try to do as much as possible to “rebuild” the Avatar State for the future Avatars by learning about the former “severed” Avatars through other means. Have her study the heroic deeds of Aang, have her read about the history of Roku, have her learn about the heritage of Kiyoshi – and then throw in a complex villain who’s all about advancement and dismisses the past, creating a solid conflict for the season – a conflict of “does past help or hinder the future”.

    Or just don’t remove the link to the past Avatars just before the season that can’t happen without it!!

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