Legends of Fandom: Spider-man 4 – Blockbuster Buster

By popular demand, ERod shares the story of the Spider-man movie that we were suppose to get instead of The Amazing Spider-man.

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  1. TragicGuineaPig

    If they were to make another Venom film, I’d say they need to do it as a trilogy. The first part, Pete finds the Symbiote, and while it seems to work out for him initially, eventually he has to fight back against it and take it out. Part two, Eddie Brock bonds with the Symbiote, which tries to take Peter out because Peter is the only earthling that knows what it is and how to stop it. Part three, Carnage.

  2. Yep… If only… Although, Emo Peter cracks me up and I’m not afraid to say it. I would have no complaints with Spider-Man 3 if it wasn’t for too many villains. Spider-Man 4 sounds like it would have been good except for the Vulturess. No… no! O.O

  3. So tired of SM3 hate.

  4. I now that it was made but i think a vid about Fantasic Four 1994 movie and how it was only made to keep the rights to the franchise, as well as the actors, director apparently didn’t know that this was the only reason it was beeing made, as it was never planed for a wide release.

  5. The Review Crew Leader

    I only knew about the whole chaos thing from Spiderman 3 and 4, I never saw these awesome storyboards. Sony made a mistake.

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