Legion of Super-Heroes: The Great Darkness Saga – AT4W

Did no one think to bring a flashlight?

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  1. Wait Supergirl found Excalibur? Now I want to see Supergirl armed with Excalibur fight Saber Lily from Fate franchise armed with her Excalibur.

  2. That secret weapon for attacking The Darkness: MAGIC MISSILE!

  3. The only incarnation of the Legion of Super-Heroes I’ve gotten to know is from the animated series that aired on Kids’ WB in the mid to late 2000s, as well as some of the Legionaires’ appearances in the Smallville TV series.

    5:54- Reminds me a bit of the Disney Channel original movie, “Up, Up, and Away,” where the superheroes’ weakness is tin foil. No joke.

    I saw the pink energy joke coming from a mile away.

    13:07- I’d vote for Dream Girl. She’s still better than Trump.

    17:25- I was expecting a Chronicles of Narnia joke… but I haven’t yet seen any of the movies. So I guess I’ll have to settle for the Lord of the Rings joke.

    25:51- Jesus, they made Darkseid huge! DC, this isn’t like Luke Skywalker being the biggest character on The Last Jedi poster. They did that, because he’s part of the film’s title. This is like putting Luke on The Force Awakens poster.

    30:48- Or Darkseid is giving a Creation of Adam pose.

    33:46- That’s a more powerful punch than the one Superman gave to Darkseid in the Justice League Unlimited series finale.

    36:15- (Singing) Brainiac-5, the red-nosed android!

  4. This is a perfect comic to review since the show Supergirl is covering the same subject in its current season.

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