Lesbian Talk Episode #71: Puntable Turkeys

Sit down with us as we regale of the visit to another zoo, this one in Belfast where we saw very exotic creatures and did NOT run into the escaped raccoon, then a very particular treasure hunt that took place at my first store, but join us for that part you really came to hear: Hagan and my reactions to the newest Doctor Who episode, Listen. All this, and Giovannis Trivia Question!

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  1. How can anyone like Listen? It’s awful! There was clearly a monster present in the episode, but apparently there was no monster, and the episode was full of Moffat wanking all over because of his uber-super-awesome totes the bestest companion for realz OC.
    I get what they were trying to do with having no monster/villain, and I see why you praise them at least trying it, but they did it so poorly it hurts. What was on the bed? What was opening the ship door? Nothing? BULLSHIT!

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