Lesbian Talk Episode #82: At Akumakon with MasakoX

It’s Lesbian Talk live from Akumakon in scenic Galway! Joining us; The Avatar of Decent Humor and MasakoX of TeamFourStar as we tell tales of the con, tales of Old Person Anime, and how to talk to Irish townspeople about tentacle porn.

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  1. I honestly, honestly could never bring myself to care about anime. At all. It’s downright pathological.

    And yet, I have been thoroughly entertained by this podcast.

  2. I always thought Omega was the Avatar of Decent Humor
    dumb me

    ah, the Revolutionary Girl Utena the movie
    even if you watched the series, you are totally lost

    ah, Hiroshima jokes
    it’s this kind of politically incorrect humor that made me love you guys

    Dokuro Chan!
    love that gory ride!

    The main difference between nerds and jocks is that jocks can afford to judge you, seeing how they can beat you to a pulp whenever they see fit

    Over here in Slovakia we don’t have specialized conventions
    all the sci-fi, fantasy, horror, anime, cartoon, videogame, and comics fans just gather on the same conventions, and everyone is getting along and having fun
    Istrocon and Comicsalon for ever!

    did you also adapt the wonderful mind-f*ck of an ending Kampfer had?
    you know, the one where the gender-bending protagonist ends-up having children with himself?

    I once made a comic where the Teletubies became Nazis (the sun was Hetler), and went on a genocidal rampage, only to meet their end at the bluets of a Russian hitman
    sometimes I miss being 13

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