Lesbian Talk Episode #84: Sub-Mariner Hates Us All

This week we hash over breaking Spiderman news, including the Spiderman World Summit, and we expand on What Went Right? with some other shows we think did their jobs awesomely.

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  1. think you number this one wrong this should be 84 I think. But anyway just glad to watch another one of these or listen as is the case. Hail Hagan

  2. Hellraiser is awesome at least the first two movies are the others go from good to shit. Also like I suggested to Dena you should read the 2011 hell raiser series which Clive Barker did write the story for. Still waiting for Scarlet Gospels to be published supposedly its coming in may.

  3. Another fun episode! I’m pretty sure that the cartoon with all the insect-riding was called “Sektaurs”, btw.

  4. The Smoggies is a Canadian/French co-production. It’s currently on Teletoon Retro, with the AMERICAN title sequence. ?????????????????? I’m guessing the distribution company that Teletoon licensed the show from only had the American version. It’s even advertised as “Stop the Smoggies”.

    Also, shout out to Stephanie Morgenstern, most well-known to non-Canucks as Dic’s Sailor Venus, who played Princess Lila and, according to the internet, Emma. Luv ya, Steph!

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