Lesbian Talk Episode #85: The Kelpies Are Coming!

Good lord, what have your lesbians been up to? Attending a reviewer wedding in Scotland, being attacked by 100 ft horses, visiting the hangman in Belfast, and watching Indian zombie movies. Yes, it’s all in a day’s work for your humble hosts!

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  1. I live a couple miles from the Kelpies, I think Falkirk’s pretty happy being ‘that place in between Glasgow Edinburgh, and Stirling where all the commuters live’.

    People often visit anyway if they’re going between cities so things like the kelpies and the falkirk wheel exist to give them something see while they’re here.

  2. I think the film Omega refers to is Limitless, starring Bradley Cooper as a man who takes a pill which allows him to do a bunch of unrealistic bullshit.

  3. hippomonstrosolexiphobia, I think. They may throw in a giganta- in there, making it hippomonstrogigantalexiphobia.

    Nope, looked it up. Hippomonstrosesquippedaliophobia It’s just too long to remember. It’s also a contrived word just to be ironic, but I knew that before.

  4. Why did you cut off why Diamanda wants to be Leon Thomas? 🙁

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