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How does the Swedish film compare to the American remake? To the book?

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I haven’t read the book, but I love both films.  I have a slight preference for the American version, but that may be partially because I saw it first and in a theater.  I would argue though that both films leave the future of the two’s relationship ambiguous, you can choose to interpret it as going down either of the paths you mentioned.


Technically that would make her/him an enuque


“eunuch”. If he was pre-pubescent and had a great singing voice in the Catholic tradition, he’d be a castrato.


Oh good, the other vids to watch section is gone. Thank Michaud I guess.


I think he is just ignorant in trans questions.. I am readin his latest book at the moment.. and he refers to a possibly transgender prostitue as a transvestite.
And yea his female characters aren’t the greatest… He is kind of like Lovecraft in more ways than one.


You were reviewing a book? Well, not really. I’ve never really seen that here. It was more of a comparison. It was still unique. Yeah, this did seem too serious.

Le Messor
Hi Maven, I’m writing this because I’m a little concerned. I usually love your videos, but I watched about half of this one, and I couldn’t watch any more. I moved on your Nosferatu video instead. The reason was this: you described a young boy getting sexually mutilated – tortured and abused (or did his sire have the grace to use anaesthetic?), and all you could get out of it was a long discussion of trans rights. Now, of course, you’re perfectly entitled to do a long video about trans rights; I’m not disputing that. It’s what was left out… Read more »