Let’s Struggle: Back in the Game – Bargain Boy

Your Keyblade-lovin’ boy is back, getting his ass kicked once again with the Data Battles! But will he rise to the top yet?

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  1. Yeah, I’m still not done with 2.8. I had never played Dream Drop Distance before so that was a great new experience. I’m on the Fragmentary Passage part right now and then I’ll still need to watch the Back Cover movie.

  2. Uh question are you ever going to actually ACCOMPLISH anything in these let’s plays? Seriously I think you’ve beaten maybe… at most two bosses in about a half dozen of these let’s plays. Seriously the point of these now should actually end with you actually doing something and actually winning against the boss. If you’re not going to do that then don’t have an episode. Honestly only actually get one of these out when you actually beat one of these guys and edit the footage to show us the best clips and then some actual poayff because this bullcrap “I keep failing over and over and comment on it” is old man. Like seriously a lot of the LPs on this site aren’t really that good ever since PushingUpRoses aka the only really good LPer who posted LPs on Channel Awesome stopped but most at least actually progress in playing the game. This is just wasteful man. Shamefully wasteful.

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