Let’s Struggle! – KH 2.5 Secret Bosses: Zexion – Bargain Boy

The no-pro BB goes up against some of Kingdom Hearts 2.5’s secret bosses! Does he got what it takes?

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6 Comments on "Let’s Struggle! – KH 2.5 Secret Bosses: Zexion – Bargain Boy"


I’ve never seen your videos but since I’m a big Kingdom Hearts fan, I thought that I’d check this out. Yes, I’ve been waiting for Kingdom Hearts 3. I’ve been waiting since I was a teenager! Come on! Anyways, that video was awesome since I personally have never defeated any secret bosses.


Really impressive KH collection you got there and great to see you posting videos here again.


I thought you were gonna lose not won dam it(and that’s exactly what I said). Thank you for this series though it’ll really fill in between the gaps of waiting for those bargain boy episodes and if you respond to thia, I’ll give you a million dollars?


I love Kingdom Hearts, and Zexion is by far my favorite member of the Organization. Great video