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Rantasmo talks millennials, tragic endings, and the time-bending queerness of Life is Strange.

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  1. The maybe romance between Max and Chloe appealed to me as a straight guy too. In all honesty, I really enjoyed Life is Strange, inconsistency and all, up until the ending. I mean, what kind of choice is that? As someone who lost my childhood best friend to cancer when we were 13, something about Max reconnecting with her old childhood best friend and having to choose whether to save her really resonated with me. I just didn’t like the fact that I’d have to sacrifice an entire town to do so, but I did anyways. I watched the other ending, but I chose to screw over the rest of the town.

    Yeah, a direct sequel probably wouldn’t work as it would either have to assume an ending or be some kind of BS prequel or middlequel, though probably the former as the latter would be quite dicey. A similar story starring different characters in a different town might work though, and may even improve on the original. I mean if it wasn’t for the ending leaving a bad taste in my mouth, I would probably say this game is great, but as it stands I’d still place it in the good category. On the other hand that would make the second game more of a spiritual successor than a sequel. I’ll probably check it out, but I’m skeptical right now.

  2. Everything needs more gay. And bi. And non-heteronormative in general.

    If what I just typed offends you, person furiously typing up a shitty counterpoint, you’re probably an asshole.

  3. Daemian Lucifer

    The correct answer is neither of them.Max is asexual.And fuck that stupid ending for not allowing me to be supermax who saves alyssa from all the crazy stuff.

    • Max is not asexual, in the sacrifice Chloe ending, she kisses Chloe and the developers said that if you sacrifice the town instead, Max kisses Chloe off-screen.
      Also you can save Alyssa at the ending, since I did it countless times.

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