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Naked space vampires! Terrible? Or awesome??

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  1. It’s about time she grew a set and reviewed LIFEFORCE!

    This was Patrick Stewart’s FIRST on screen kiss. LOL!

    I was surprised that Maven didn’t go full blown feminazi on this flick.

    Sorry to go Acta-lee on ya maven buuut Karloff was cast as frankenstein because of his height and acting prowess.

    “was he resisting?” Well he wasn’t exactly pushing her away!

    This review was a complete invert from her once bitten review.

    A big, BIG thanks to the one who requested this movie!

  2. I so very much under stand the cult appeal of this flick.
    I watched it first on VHS, eons ago, knowing nothing about it, and the reaction was basically this, in order: “the soundtrack to this is surprizingly good… the FX in this are surprizingly good… the naked woman in this is foxy.” Long stretch of “stuff.” And then London explodes and it is awesome.
    Sure it is campy and weird, and runs like an overblown Dr Who episode, but that’s the way I like it.
    Not enough films are so free of their genre.
    Dr Who with a *massive* budget. That’s this.

    • TragicGuineaPig

      Come to think of it, London exploding from a vampire attack seems to remind me of something, but I can’t really place what. Except that it has something to do with a Police Girl hauling around a giant honking cannon that for some reason reminds me of that floating fat guy from Dune.

  3. I have to say that, while I have seen this many years ago (on VHS? On late night TV?) just about the only thing I recall about it is “Naked space chick”. Though I vaguely recall that the main characters are so busy chasing the vampire queen that they completely fail to notice that the other two vampires have completely taken over London, which is a pretty impressive “Failed a Spot Check”!

  4. Lifeforce is absolutely amazing movie

  5. I will just post here what I posted on Youtube,
    “Life Force” seems like the ideal movie for a remake. The movie had redeeming points like special effects and interesting designs, but it was slow paced and needs a tune up by a modern director.

    And since it was a bomb that has cult appeal and the original author of the book didn’t like it that opens it up to an adaptation that is closer to the book but still allows fans of the movie to not complain about it being “too different” or “too much like the original”.

  6. I never heard of this one before. Then again, that’s how it is for most of these movies. I’m just not into vampires. I’m more into zombies. What was this film rated? How’d they get away with having so much nudity?

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