Lights Out – Blood Splattered Vlog

This week The Horror Guru reviews LIGHTS OUT (2016) in another rambly vlog!

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  1. Leopold's Creamery Butter

    Don’t read comment if you don’t want spoilers:

    Hi Horror Guru, you indicated you didn’t understand why Diana could be burned by light near the end of the movie, whereas earlier, she just disappeared in the light. From what I gathered, it had something to do with the blacklight the sister was using. Apparently Diana is visible in blacklight because a blacklight only emits long wave UV light and very little visible light. If Diana is in total darkness, and you turn on a regular light, she’ll disappear. If you catch her in a blacklight, which she is visible in, and then shine regular light on her while she’s in the blacklight, she’ll burn. I don’t know why, but that’s the justification they tacked on near the end of the movie. The question I would ask is why would Diana be visible in UV light and not regular light.

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