Like Uber, But With Deer – WTFIWWY Live

This week: When “Like us on Facebook” turns into a potential lawsuit, why “nudes or GTFO” isn’t a good idea for a lawyer and a college student becomes the best anti-drug PSA in decades…

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  1. My cat brings in wildlife all the time. Well, more like wild *dead*, but it’s the thought that counts. I think he’s trying to teach me to hunt, because I am a terrible cat.

    • Yeah, cats think humans are giant hairless cats who can’t hunt for anything, so they bring us their kills to try to feed us and/or teach us to hunt. Female cats especially do this because it’s how they teach kittens to hunt.

  2. I’m sorry you lost Miracle. She was a good little lady and it sounds like you gave her a great life.

    Best wishes with the new arrivals.

  3. I would have just made a fake Facebook account, liked the apartment complex, and posted a ton of middle finger pictures for them to use.

  4. Aw… poor Miracle. My condolences, and at least she’s in a better place.

    Good luck with with the new kittens!

  5. yeah, I think if I saw a guy with a prosthetic leg rolling and pushing a giant tire around, my first instinct would be to offer him help not to accuse him of theft

  6. Aren’t Amish known for horrifying domestic abuse? Pretty sure they are.

    • That happens in every community, unfortunately, not exclusive to the Amish I’m afraid. Plus, I find it difficult to believe all of them are doing it, there a lot of people in the community.

      One of the more insightful documentaries I saw was one that followed 4 Amish youths during their Rumspringa. The Rumspringa can last up to 6 years depending on the person. Plus there was a point when the girls felt ‘confident’ enough to let down their long hair and dress skimpier than usual – not a sign of abuse on them.

  7. @6:11 I was just going to say that

  8. Yeah, Northern California has deer, but you won’t find that many in Ukiah. The nearest forest is about an hour or two hours away.

    Also, I’m pretty sure that fawns don’t run when scared, they lie down (theoretically in high grass) and go very still, hoping that they won’t be seen. That’s kind of how idiots like this woman are able to pick them up and take them home.

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