Lilo & Stich 2: Stitch Has a Glitch – Disneycember

Will Stitch goes crazy and destroy all that our heroes worked for? Doug takes a look at Lilo and Stitch 2: Stitch Has a Glitch.

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  1. The cop-out essentially is that love conquers all, even death. I dunno, maybe Lilo’s tears magically brought Stitch back to life. He does look like a Pokemon, after all.

    Still though, despite its flaws, I do love this sequel. The music is wonderful, and I’m happy they kept the watercolour backgrounds the series is known for.

  2. And, like Aladdin and the King of Thieves, I think the third sequel (Leroy and Stich) serves as a finale to the series.

  3. There is a grammatical error in the first sentence.

    This is how the sentence should be:

    Will Stitch go crazy and destroy all that our heroes worked for?

  4. The funny thing is that I still have the DVD for this. I’ve had it since I was a little kid and I’ve never seen it. I think part of me was burned by too many Disney sequels and was afraid that it would be super bad. I might try and find it so I can see it. Thanks Doug. ^.^

    • Watch it. As Doug said, it’s not terrible by any stretch of the imagination. It’s just not *as* good as the original, which very few sequals of any genre are, really. Sure, the ending’s a bit of a standard cop-out, but since it’s a cartoon, it’s not horribly insulting like it would be with a live action movie. It’s sweet and the bit before the “cop-out ending” is heartbreaking. Give it a shot.

  5. A lot of the Disney sequels are just okay. I think this is one of them. Granted, I’ve never seen it. I’m not interested in watching all of these. The animation looks fine. Is it all a dream or a vision?

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