Link: The Faces of Evil Review w/The Nostalgia Critic (Philips CD-I): Awesome Video Game Memories

My boy, The Nostalgia Critic forces Ryan to review the next Zelda Philips CD-I Game: Link – The Faces of Evil. We all laughed back in the days of YTP, but now we can laugh at poor Ryan’s misfortune as he has to review more bad gameplay, cutscenes, in the Philips CD-I Zelda Universe.

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  1. Well, since this is a continuation of last time, I’m here again. What the heck was 4:07-4:35?! LOL! Those were like cougars too! The heck?! ?

  2. Gwonam: Mr Michaud, Allison and her minions have seized Channel Awesome’s reputation.

    Michaud: Hmmmm… How can we help?

    Gwonam: It is written, only an apology can recover the reputation.

    Michaud: Nah, we’re not going to be doing that.

    Gwonam: :O

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