Linkara: AT4W – Ultimate Power #1 & 2

Ultimate power must be what Greg Land has considering he still gets work.

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  1. I think what Reed was hoping to do was ask people from every universe, “Hey, any of you guys cured The Thing or got any tips for it?”.

    Also if you like Ultimate Reed and think he isn’t a dick…he becomes the new Doctor Doom and it’s established that he and Kant Alternate Reeds end up become alienated from humanity by their superintelligence and become crazy and evil, so yes he’s ultimately a dick.

    i’m looking forward to it,whether good /or/ bad

  3. Monsieur Safior

    Great critic, to bas you don’t speak that much of the Squadron Supreme.

    And yeah Land was a pretty crappy artsit in that time (and have some disguting fan-boy who defend him.) but unlike Liefield is get a little better, check is work on Mighty Avengers.

  4. homestuck …

    and you ..

    well, this will definitely prove interesting at the very least

  5. I thought you said you wouldn’t review webcomics? I KNEW you’d review one eventually! You reviewed One More Day and Sonic comics! Now, this actual review was great. I have read the original Ultimate Fantastic Four comics. I thought they were good at least.

  6. Homestuck? Really? That’s kinda out of left field. Sorry Lewis, I know these Patreon things are really helping you and that you agreed to do these reviews for the support, but I have to say they’re getting a little weird now. Just ignore me, I understand why you’re doing it, I just needed to say it.

    • I agree. They’re diluting the nature of the show and – frankly – creating dud episodes. Supporting yourself via Patreon is good, but maybe set some boundaries and ground rules on what can be requested? I’d argue you know how to run Atop the Fourth Wall best, seen as you’re the one who made it popular. Doing weird stuff like Homestuck is something you want to do VERY rarely… Instead of every other episode like it’s been recently.

    • what are you talking about? These Patreon review have been awesome.

      The review of Masquerade was awesome.

      i only regret i don’t have the money to donate to make him review something of my choice to.

      Here’s a Hint, it’d probably be another video game.

  7. The Coming is happening soon We will enter your world. The Darkness is coming you can stop it Hero. Your world will die.

    • Look, I know you’re trying, we all know you’re trying. But… Your stuff is just too generic and cliche to be taken as a joke. And it kinda hurts to say this, especially when I to see you at every video trying to say something interesting or funny, but you really need to work on your material. Maybe you should take a break, and find some new inspiration.

  8. My good sir Linkara. I must say that I adore your history of power rangers series. I was never aloud to watch any power ranger shows as a kid so it’s nice to get a great summary with fun commentary. Keep up the great work at your own pace. You rock my man.

  9. Nobody cares that you’ve reached 350 episodes, Linkara, in light of the fact the The Cinema Snob reached HIS 300 episodes. Get with the times, man. =P

    I knew you would some how get to reviewing Ultimate Power when you mentioned it back in your Ultimatum review.

    3:09- Face it, tracing is ruined! Also, nice choice of music.

    7:53- And now you know what the upcoming new Fantastic Four movie is gonna be based on, and knowing is half the battle.

    8:17- And her boobs a pretty huge.

    11:58 & 15:20- Looking forward to Longbox of the Damned: A Midsummer’s Nightmare all of next month (except Mondays).

    I know of a better idea on how to use those thousands of probes: have them search the galaxy for the hidden Rebel base.

    I have Fantastic Four figures based on their appearances from the Tim Story movies, and you better believe that they have multiple articulated points; both my Mr. Fantastic and Human Torch figures each have about 45 points. And no, my Thing doesn’t have a high pitched voice like the Thing figure in the first movie.

    With the whole second issue being a fight scene, and the fact that Greg Land did a majority of his tracing from poor, all I’m thinking about know is a Caligula themed orgy scene.

  10. Didn’t Neal Adams say he used to trace art when he got started? as a matter of fact, isn’t he a proponent of art tracing not just in the field of sequential art but art in general?

    I know this isn’t about Neal Adams, but if I had to chose between you Lewis or Mr Adams I know who’se opinions I’d hold in more esteem.

  11. Maybe some of these panels are the artists idea of an in-joke. It’s like he’s winking at the people who know it’s traced from porn, and laughing at the ones who have no idea.

  12. An episode about someone notorious for tracing his art, and not one Chasing Amy reference. Tisk squared. (Seriously good episode though)

  13. Come on, you know you’d back Reed’s board game.

  14. I like Ultimate Gah Lak Tus, it’s an interesting change up and it’s still better than the movie that’s for sure. That said, I’m also glad that they fused him with his 616 counterpart recently, they look even cooler.

  15. I reckon too many people are getting angry at what will happen to the Marvel universe after the new Secret Wars. “All-New All-Different Marvel”? Ha! More like “a bit new a bit different”. That’s hardly anything to get angry over, but nothing all that exciting either. Marvel has been trying to make out like they’re doing their own New 52, which has backfired like Hell. And the new Secret Wars is a bit over-kill of an event for what it will result in. Marvel just needed to kill off the Ultimate universe save for a few characters including Miles Morales. The rest of the Marvel multiverse didn’t need to get involved!

    I stand by that DC’s Convergence was written to draw attention to older and better stories and boost the sales of trade paperback collections, and with the way Marvel is revisiting classic stories in the new Secret Wars, I say it’s pretty much the same case here.

  16. SailorRustyBacon

    I don’t know… I think I’m the type who would enjoy sequential battles with explosive O-faces; as long as they’re drawn afterwards with that “afterglow” face. :p That, or seeing traced artwork from scenes of whatever porn that the Cinema Snob has reviewed! 😀

  17. *flinks lights on and off*

    welcome to hell! welcome to hell!

  18. Rotoscoping is nothing new, even Disney did it for most of their classic films, and it can be beautiful. Using porn is admittedly not the best way to go about it, but having models in his studio would get expensive, no budget for that kind of shenanigan I imagine.

    • Its one thing to rotoscope animation, since complex motion like dancing is extremely difficult to replicate. And apparently he’s not just copying the pose, but the very facial structure.

      • Also, it’s likely that the companies that use rotoscoping actually hire people to make the movements they need, rather than just stealing them from any old source.

  19. I actually did like Ultimate FF despite the artwork. The stories were pretty fantastic, and that’s about all I know Greg Lands from.

    When Ant-Man comes out you should do the storyline that Hank Pym beats the Wasp in the 616. I would like to see your take on that.

  20. I don’t think you should use the term ‘supervillainess’

  21. Awwww. I was hoping that today’s review would be for the last issue of ASBAR, goddamn Batman’s and whatnot. That would’ve been perfect for the 350th, but this is good too.

  22. I’ll probably skip next week’s episode, although I don’t know if I’ll ever end up reading Homestuck. My brother did, and he said it wasn’t as good as Problem Sleuth, which I did read, and it was really damn awesome.

    I tried to read Ultimate Fantastic Four once, but got bored of it quickly. Although if Greg Land drew it and it was still good, I’d be intrigued as to whether I should give it a read or not.

    • Homestuck’s awesome; I have a feeling he’s probably just going to cover one, maybe two of the printed books, so its an introduction to it, but doesn’t really capture the complete and utter insanity it achieves. Its like reading Problem Sleuth up to the point where he starts working with Ace Dick and the only crazy thing that’s happened is him taking his window off the wall.

      Its significantly more story-focused than Problem Sleuth was, especially once you get past the early acts where readers were still directly contributing the commands.

  23. I must admit, while it probably wouldn’t be very difficult, I wonder how you would go about tackling something like Homestuck, which is essentially an animated gif every page and with text below the image that describes what’s happening.

    Then again, Homestuck has been published in trade paperbacks, which is weird because I don’t know they published something that’s animated into a book format. That’s probably what you’re doing, and it’s probably easier than reviewing it on the website.

  24. Congratulations on 350 episodes!

  25. Linkara’s take on Homestuck is sure to be interesting, but I’m more excited about MARVEL ZOMBIES

  26. The new Secret Wars has been a lot of fun so far. I mean you got Doctor Doom as god of a planet that is made up entirely of smashed together dimensions. Its pure comic book madness.
    As for renew your vows, no comment on the fact that all the avengers died while spidey was too busy protecting his family?

  27. Tracing over porn is one thing, but you’d at least expect the guy to be the slightest bit capable of drawing a closed mouth on his own, but alas, it was not to be.

  28. theanimeviewer66

    O.O ………………………….. homestuck!! OMG!!! this is going to be good lol XD

  29. Homestuck? Like… the whole thing? Good luck man. You’ll need it.

    • Considering it’s not finished yet, no, probably not the whole thing :V Probably just the physical books, so through act 3 at most, so that’s just the first couple thousand pages.

  30. I tried to read this back in college in their library, but that 2nd issue was so damn confusing and cluttered that I couldn’t finish it. I NEED to read Marvel Zombies!

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