Little Electronic Vajayjays – WTFIWWY Live

This week: when giant inflatable ducks attack, the War on Drugs enters the “Hey y’all, watch this!” phase, and the Man with the Golden Recum…

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  1. I’m never looking at electronic devices the same way ever again. Thanks Tara!

  2. why is trump the only one that I see getting s!@# on these days? Hillary’s resume’ isn’t exactly squeaky clean either

    • Becaue Donald is 80s villain bad, while Clinton has just some normal politician flaws.

      And because Donald is a bigot with attention span problems and a very thin skin who is right now attacking a beauty pageant contestant because she pointed out that Trump called her fat. He’s been attacking her for five days, and even lied about finding a sex tape. (It’s fake sex from a reality show.)

      Or, to put it in South Park terms, Clinton could actually run the country. Donald couldn’t.

    • Because Hillary is your standard politician (and I swear, if you start saying she killed people, this discussion is over) with the usual politician foibles and an interest in keeping things quiet out of experience with Republicans taking *everything* and turning it into a scandal if she so much as breathes wrong.

      Donald Trump, on the other hand, is simply undiluted evil in an orange package. The man rips off people who work for him, scam the public, uses charity money for his own ends, is racist and sexist as all get-out, lies so often and with so much gusto that actual POLITICIANS cringe, and has no understanding why we don’t just fucking NUKE countries we don’t like, or grab the innocent families of the “bad guys” and kill them (or was it torture them?) to get at said “bad guys”. He also makes veiled jokes about wanting someone to murder Clinton, and he also is in league with Vladimir fucking Putin of all people.

      In short, Clinton is the status quo, which kind of sucks, but I’ll take the status quo over a possible WW3 and eventual nuclear winter. And Trump would do it, too, just because China or some Middle Eastern country joked about his tiny hands.

  3. lilith_ascennding

    Okay, so the description said “Golden Recum” and I was wondering how the hell that would even work. And then even after I realized it was a typo, I was still wondering how that would work. Also, fuck the birds and the bees, I’m using Tara’s headphone jack metaphor when it’s time for my kids to get the talk.

  4. I just had an idea. Undercover drug sniffing dogs. Plainclothes officers walking drug sniffing dogs that are not usually a police dog breed. Fluffy dogs. The entire point would be to get people to pet the pupper and so let the dog sniff them.

  5. The Trousers Cosmic finally moved onto making their puppets steal money. They’re learning…?

  6. I for one welcome our giant ducky overlords.

  7. That evil girl! How DARE she violate a rule they just made up after she did it?

  8. LOL! Nash and Tara over the whole Dottie Mach I Black Widow Leviathan thing XD

  9. Captain Chaotica

    Wait, people were actually calling 911 about the presidential debate?! I know we had idiots earlier who were calling because they couldn’t get a show at all, but calling about how a show made them _upset_?

    …at least, I assume that’s what it was. Me, I was made really depressed and angry by the debate, but what _I_ did was simply turn to the other people in the room and say “I ain’t watchin’ the other two. I’m already on meds for depression, I don’t need this.” But it never occurred to me to call emergency services!

    …unless some of the people calling 911 during the debates were reporting the “moderator” as missing, because THAT I could understand. Ohmygod, so. Fucking. USELESS.

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