WTFIWWY Live: 05/16/11

You will never look at balloons the same again.

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Welcome to Radio Dead Air! It's "Wayne's World" meets the 21st Century as Nash, Tara, Stick Boy, Space Guy, Arlo P. Arlo and more delve into the deep...


  1. I love how, early on, Tara and Nash believed there was some difference in genders. Then the crazy overwhelmed them.

  2. How is enama woman a criminal? Think about it: she didn’t claim to be from the hospital. She just knocked on the door, she said she was there to give him one, he said okay, they did it, she left. She didn’t do it under false pretences, he assumed.

  3. I wanted to look away but I couldn’t move my eyes! it was like a train wreck or something!

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