Logan – Honest Review

ERod shares his thoughts on The Clawed Canadian’s Swansong.

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  1. Good review, bad greenscreen background.

  2. I’d have enjoyed the X-Men movies more if they didn’t rotate around Wolverine, that was made almost a Messiah character in DotFP. I haven’t read the X-Men much outside of Byrne/Claremont era, but those stories had more the feeling of group dynamic and more meaningful and impressive mutants the movies never had.

    Edit: And that’s also one reason why I find hard time to enjoy a character like X-23, because in the comics she’s easy to be thought to be born from the question “what if Wolverine was a sexy lady?”. That’s probably not the reason for her creation, but still…

    • The creator of X-23 wanted her to be pre-teen and was very upset when Joe Quesada decided to age her up and make her a prostitute when he put her in the comics.

  3. Glad to have you back, E-Rod. Good review, as usual your Honest reviews are a highlight. And yeah, I agree, the weak villains was the only really disappointing thing about this movie.

  4. Just a quick point of order: Jackman’s only been in 9 X-Men movies, not 10.

    X-Men, X2, X3, Origins, First Class, Wolverine, DoFP, Apocalypse, Logan

    He wasn’t in Deadpool… at least, not physically.

  5. I actually liked The Wolverine, even if I found Logan far superior.

  6. I have no interest in Logan because I don’t like gore and I don’t like crying at movies. I did learn more about X-23 though so that was interesting.

  7. I am not really liking this new format either. For the Honest Reviews.

    It feels like he is using less content now JUST to fit YT’s policies. Cause there is less clips and just overall more still images. Which dont get the point across in these as much.

    Also compared to past HR’s there is less length and not as much info as he used to give.

    I get he wants to bring the YT fanbase in on these more but this feels like a bad way to do it.

    I felt bored watching this one compared to past HRs which were my fav thing to watch from him.

    • The Real Silverstar

      If Erod uploaded a full-scale Honest Review to YouTube, especially one for a movie that’s currently in theaters, said video would get taken down immediately, and if that happens too often, then your entire channel’s gone. Remember what happened when he tried to release his Fant4stic review early to treat his fans? No one wants a repeat of that. If you know of a way to get lengthy videos with lots o’ clips onto the site without risking a copyright strike or the take-down of your entire channel by the YouTube bots, then please share; I’m sure these producers (and aspiring producers like myself) would love to hear it. You can’t monetize your channel with Vimeo, plus you have to pay a yearly fee of $60, Dailymotion, while less stringent on copyright rules, doesn’t seem to be the player of choice for creators (many of them who have tried Dailymotion have experienced issues with them); Vid.Me seems to be mostly painless and seems to be gaining a following, but its’ audience isn’t near that of YouTube yet.

      Until YT gets some genuine competition, they’re the best game in town right now, so creators have to play by their rules. This past weekend Linkara had his entire channel shut down for who knows what reason, and he’s one of the most harmless and professional creators out there currently. If that can happen to Lewis, it can happen to any content creator.

      • I get that. And I understand the problems related to YT.

        However YT will always be a problem. Their method of dealing with copyright tends to strike people regardless. It just happens less often.

        Its just with the recent change of his vids I find myself forcing myself to watch them. They just arent as entertaining anymore.

        Things could change admittedly. But if they dont then alot of people might stop watching. Some have said they already are going in that direction.

        Because to appease YT and their policies he is most likely going to change alot. And I myself dont like that.

        Erod used to be one of my fav critics and I always looked forward to his well made videos. That might not be the case anymore. Sorry Erod. But this just isnt doing it for me anymore.

  8. Glad to see you’re still doing honest reviews ERod. Which means you no longer have any excuse to do one of Samurai Jack by the end of may when the 5th and final season is over! No more excuses, ERod! As a fellow Jack lover who is ADORING the new season so far, we long to hear you give an Honest Review of this great show!!

  9. You missed the opportunity to play “The Man Comes Around” by Johnny Cash. It was a credits song in that, remember?

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