Lord of the Kingdom – Audition for the Worst Movie Ever

This was a panel I ran at Con-G 2013 with Derek “The Bard” Burrow, Bennett “The Sage” White, Conal “Dr. Terawatt” MacBeth, and “Big Mike” from the 404s and D20 Live. Participants were to read from a terrible script and try not to laugh or otherwise corpse. Winners received a DVD of a bad movie signed by all the panelists.

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From multiple-personality assassins fighting exploding zombie clowns to computerized Kabuki dancers who attack robots with their hair, Tom "Heisanevilgenius" White struggles to make sense of the brain-scabbing insanity that can be found in video games. If it's weird and it's a video game, count on Tom to be the lone intrepid adventurer to step forward and make fun of it.

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I loved the Dr. Evil cosplayer, he was so good.