Lost in Adaptation: Watchmen Part 2

The Dom concludes his comparison of the Watchman movie to the graphic novel with a surprise guest appearance that will almost certainly surprise no one.

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  1. I still like the movie despite the “newly revealed to me” nonsensical ending. Even if the countries of the world know they can’t fight Doctor Manhattan they’d still quietly band together to discuss any possibility of resisting him. I can actually see that being the case even if it doesn’t make complete sense in the end.

    • Marvel Studios head Kevin Feige was recently asked if he could give DC movies one piece of advice,he said basically,
      “Don’t be ashamed of your characters”

      If this change was for the smart reasons The Dom says,ok then
      But,from what we’ve seen it’s for the stupid reasons The Dom says: the condescending “It’s too silly” bullshit that if you read between the lines is essentially picking on the source material and it’s fans for being nerdy

      The Dom and Linkara have good POVs up until The Dom refers to The Black Freighter story as interrupting the story,which is going against Alan Moore
      sorry,but most people are going to agree with the Orson Wells of comics over the Terry Nation of Channel Awesome

  2. Another point I think most people tend to look over is that it really doesn’t matter how well Ozymandius’s plan would or would not work since Rorschach managed to get the last laugh by leaving his journal behind to a newspaper revealing the fraud. Sure, the journal in and of itself isn’t the most damning of evidence, but considering how much a single rumor can impact someone’s life in this world, I think it would end up being more than enough for the world to start questioning if they had indeed been duped, leading to an outright collapse of Ozymandius’s plan, regardless of which plan it was

    • I still do not understand what in that journal was supposed to be undermining or game changing. Most of it is rambling, and even in the last chapters he doesn’t know what Oxy is up to. They dropped the journal off before the reveal.

      • He didnt know, but he had alot of details and clues that lead to pointing to Ozy having planned it and linking things together. It wouldnt have just blown the whole story open, but would have been enough for less insane people to connect the dots and blow the thing open.

  3. 0:47 that’s not true .. the story build on it slowly and subtle .. they also introduce to you the idea of geneticist mutations and interdenominational travel .. and the fact that the story spend time reminding you this stuff its happening its ground enough to foreshadow something is coming

    not to mention …ITS STILL a COMIC BOOK UNIVERSE … the whole notion of Alien invasion is already an acceptable possibility as long as it doesn’t break the parameters the story has establish .. which the story doesn’t

    • A comic book universe with only one superhuman and one metahuman. The squid is still very much out of place in a world that never has fantastic threats. “Suddenly psychic vagina aliens” was far out of context.

      • no, is not.. because its a fake threat made by men …. a lie not difference than telling people that if they are bad the devil is gonna drag them to hell

        it just in this case adrian veidt latterly saves the world by creating cthulhu

        its no an unrealistic expectation if one understand where the material is coming form

        a bit of knowledge of how weird Comicbooks superheroe are or basic cultural knowledge of the relation between the cold war and the ALIEN UFO sightings paranoia is enough for one to appreciate the freaking twist

      • I gotta agree with SwarmCrow, if you can accept that a human got stuck in some experiment can be remade into a giant glowing blue guy who can reshape reality on a whim and see through time and space, why is sudden possible alien invasion to out of place?

  4. 1:09 little information ..yes but the world was also brain wash by the creature’s psyche abilities

  5. I still think the Dr. Manhattan plot to be better than the Giant Squid plot. While the superpowers may not be any kind of match for Manhattan, that’s not always stopped world powers from taking on ultra-powerful beings before. Just look at the Marvel Universe: Dark Phoenix anyone? Beyonder?

    • Oh, and one more thing: in the movie, Ozymandias almost succeeds in actually killing Manhattan. All he would have to do is call the UN and say, “I know a way I can beat this guy, but you’re going to need me to do it.” He then sets up a situation where he can actually direct the UN efforts to stop Manhattan who will, conveniently, be lightyears away.

      • Ok maybe I am wrong on this it has been awhile since I have seen the movie but Ozymandias did not come close to killing him, I believe he even comments that he is trying to slow him down because he knows he can’t kill him. Dr. Manhattan even makes the comment that rebuilding himself was the first trick he ever learned, I am sure he pasted that information on to Ozymandias a friend. You are right Ozy can lie and tell them I figured out away to drive him off in which case the problem is solved back to war. Or I know how to kill him which will cause everyone to want that Tech, even if he does not give it too them, they will now devote every scientist to learning all they can about Dr. Manhattans power. How long before they now have the “Bombs” he used to destroy the cities or even something worst, Ozymandias maybe be the “smartest person alive” but he is not smarter than everyone else. Or they may find the proof that it was not Dr. Manhattan at all, even he did not say he could not prove his innocence only that we would be a suspect, which would cause the nuclear war Ozymandias was trying to stop.

        I liked your review, and like I said before I enjoyed the movie I just think the closing needed a bit more work.

  6. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Cool video. I thought it would be something of an epic beginning since the ending was so jaw dropping but that’s cool and great job explaining the film to me so I don’t have to see it. Also linkaras appearance was no suprise to me as well.

    But in the video I saw the number 54 and the new dc comics line up is called the new 52 so I was thinking that one of the people at dc saw the number 54 in the film version and subtracted it by 2 and got the new 52 idea!!!!

  7. I didn’t know that there was going to be a Part 2 to this!… or was I not paying attention? Also, this was a nice Linkara… cross-over?

  8. That’s me at the beginning saying burn him! Awesome!

  9. I was hoping this would bring up how the source material handled fight scenes. Not everybody can like Zack Snyder’s choreography, buuuut…

    “Let’s try and keep it SNAPPY.” *arm snap*
    “I believe it was quite SUDDEN and quite PAINFUL” *eyegouge*
    “Am I starting to make you feel UNCOMFORTABLE?” *groin crush*

    …it was not as painfully corny as some of what was in the original. Even if they kept the criminal midget with the cartoon dumb muscle henchmen.

  10. I think people are misunderstanding the role that Ozymandias set “Dr. Manhattan” up as in the movie. Or maybe I did.

    What I saw was him being set up as a sort of Old Testament god, the Watchman for the whole world, who triggered his attacks to punish the world for its war mongering. The world powers are supposed to think that they could never hope to beat him. The only option they had was to knock that stuff out or face more punishment at his hand.

    It was the American plan for Doctor Manhattan writ large. You have to submit because you can not possibly resist.

  11. ONe minor bit that got changed in the film was that Nightowl and Rorschack walked from the crash to Ozy’s arctic base, whereas in the comic they RODE hoverboards. This stuck way out to me, since the title of that issue was “Two RIDERS Were Approaching..” and the epigraph was that line and several others from “All Along the Watch Tower,” which was PLAYED in the film during that sequence, even though the obvious significance had been altered. Argh!

  12. My main gripe is that the “unite against the alien invasion” storyline had already been done several times before the graphic novel came out. I remember reading a novel (can’t remember title or author) which had this exact story, psychic emanations and all, of which Watchmen becomes an obvious plagiarization. It’s even mentioned in the Ozymandias “prequel”, where he finds inspiration in an “Outer limits” episode.

  13. My problem with Linkara’s argument is the same as his with The Dom’s: WHY would anyone fight this thing or band together? Like Dom said, once they autopsy that thing, it will reveal it’s terrestrial origins…meaning it either came from earth OR was made here by someone. Thus the finger pointing begins anew and the Cold War is right back where it was at the story’s start. Additionally, how COULD we fight it? Like he said, it killed millions with it’s death scream alone.

    That all said, the movie’s ending is just as flawed as Linkara suggests. Basically, both endings are fundamentally flawed IMHO.

  14. It is a theoretically faithful adaptation. Many scenes are shot-for-shot. But, it completely misses the entire point of the story. The thesis statement of the story is found in the stories of the lesbian couple, the newsstand man, the comic book kid, et al.
    A lot of people seem to think the ending is a morally ambiguous, no-right-answer kind of scenario. But it’s not. There is a right answer, and neither Ozymandias, nor the other costumed characters can see it. They think it is this moral quandary, but the audience is shown the answer in no uncertain terms.
    See, all the “normal” characters have these disparate stories that are brought together in a miniature climax right before Manhattan is destroyed. The lesbian couple starts fighting. Everyone else just watches. The clock ticks down. At the moment where the trucker starts to beat her former lover, everyone else finally drops their bystanding and intervenes to stop it. It starts out as a sort of Kitty Genovese situation , but when it gets ugly, contrary to Rorschach’s point of view, the normal people stand up, get involved, and diffuse the fight. No hero or white knight was necessary.
    This is the sad truth that those who see themselves as heroes are utterly blind toward. They are not needed. If Adrian had done nothing, there would have been no nuclear holocaust. At the last minute, at the direst hour, the normal people would have come to their senses and saved themselves. No alien invasion or scary blue man was needed.
    It’s all over the book. Everything the heroes do only ever makes things worse. They elevate themselves above the rest of society because they do not trust regular people to protect themselves or each other. They all have reasons, born out of some combination of hubris and misanthropy. But they are living a fantasy.
    Just look at how Ozymandias keeps tabs on the world: a literal wall of televisions separating him from humanity at large but also feeding him an endless stream of distorted information. The Tales of the Black Freighter story is about a man who is turned into a monster because he imagines a threat that isn’t there.
    Alan Moore hates all his adaptations. But this one was so “faithful”, where is the problem? It’s because they removed the thesis statement of the book, and thereby inverted the very theme of the story.

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