LOTD: A Midsummer’s Nightmare 2015

Longbox of the Damned comes early this year! Have some fun in the sun… near the cemetery.

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  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Dang so looking forward to him waking up early and nice voice over by Brad.

  2. Brad is just THE voice over guy 😀

  3. ah brad’s voice lol

  4. Wise from your gwave!

  5. I always forget that you have Brad doing your trailer narrating. I almost thought that you put a Cinema Snob video up. Can’t wait. This seems like it will be better than your normal LOTD.

  6. Hehhh… I really don’t know.

    It will probably still be fine and all, but I’m nevertheless of the opinion that this should have remained an ‘October / Halloween month’ celebration thing, that it will dilute the excitement behind the anticipation of that month.

    • Not really. You don’t have to watch it. He’s more likely going to do it in October. He probably just wants to do some videos to put up on the site.

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