LOTD: Marvel Apes: Prime Eight

Rise of the Marvel Zombies 12.

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  1. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Cool comic and good review. I wonder how zombie wasp got into iron mans armor guess the world may never know!!! Anyway are you excited for Ant-Man Linkara?

  2. … Bad pun, Marvel, bad pun.

    Which just made me realise – I completely missed the “Ape X” one. During the other reviews, I just thought it was a mystery ape.

  3. Oh, Marvel. You so punny. 😀

  4. Oh Tony, again? Seriously? *sigh*

  5. iamnotincompliance

    So has anything GOOD ever come from someone in the Marvel’s many universes building a dimensional portal? ‘Cause so far, all I’m seeing is cataclysm after cataclysm.

    • There’s a Fantastic Four story where Reed bought Ben Grimm back to life with one, once… by using the portal to storm Heaven and demand the Angels send him back to Earth, rather than let him enjoy a peaceful afterlife of not looking like a freak.

      Because Reed’s a dick.

  6. The artwork’s so weird! I can’t believe I didn’t see this review before! Oh well, it’s awesome either way. It’s sad to say I haven’t read any Marvel Apes comics at all! They look quite good! What’s next, Marvel Cats?

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