LOTD: Marvel Zombies 2

Rise of the Marvel Zombies 07.

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  1. Heart-Lightning

    And the acolytes didn’t zap all the zombies into dust with the dimensional portal…because?

    Yeah, this ending comic does sound pretty stupid.

    “We need to feast because the hunger is forever keeping us hungry!”

    *40 years later….*

    “Oh wait…. we might stop being hungry if WE DON’T EAT.”

    Who wrote this story, a 1st grader? You don’t have zombies “stop being hungry” because they put up a bit of self control. Ugh, this is why I hate biological based zombies and prefer magically/spiritually brought up zombies like with Necromancers or C’eith instead. Eventually, the science mumbo-jumbo tries to do something like this and it comes off as pure stupidity.

    • They never reveal where the virus came from but given that it turned people immune to disease I don’t know whether it can be considered wholly scientific. That and the fact that the infection turns you into an addict with an extremely powerful urge for meat and no real control until after you eat someone it would be one hell of a cycle of horror until they were no longer able to eat.

      • Heart-Lightning

        It’s a science though. Reed Richards was able to see and explain how the infection worked. You can’t do that with magical/spiritual zombies. Science can’t explain magic.

        “Magic must defeat magic!” – Uncle, Jackie Chan Adventures.

        It’s like how George Lucas tried to explain The Force through Midichlorians. The original explanation of The Force was a “Higher power that binds us, penatrates us and surrounds us” but Episode 1 came along and said “LOL nope, it’s in the blood and it’s more genetic actually!”

        • It’s Marvel science. It is fine within the confines of the universe as established. Don’t be the wet blanket guy. Nobody likes that guy.

          • Heart-Lightning

            Sorry, but it’s still a load of crock nonetheless.

          • Not everything can be as well written as your Bleach and FF13. That or you’re trying way too hard to bring down other franchises below your favorites.

            Reed Richards lost his mind and decided the zombies were superior, evolved beings. Because he was literally a mad scientist, he was never meant to be 100% correct or talk about magic. All he was doing was desperately rationalizing as hard as you are.

            The zombies never made complete biological sense. Which is fine because the universe they exist in is one where magic and science do overlap. Hence Norse gods using a mix of super advanced technology and magic, as well as zombies that could eat a space god and become planet-devouring, space-traveling, galactic zombies. They were especially never required to answer to conventional science in this comic.

            But wait! This magic is not friendship and My Little Pony says that’s wrong. Imposing arbitrary rules from a completely unrelated children’s cartoon is a smart argument. Which is why Ghostbusters is a piece of trash for fighting the supernatural with science, I guess.

        • “”Energy is energy, whether generated by science or magic.” Owen Burnett.

    • What a stupid complaint to make. The zombie hunger is treated like an addiction in this universe, something that you eventually get over if you go cold turkey. Of all the problems that one can have with this series, this has to be the most inane I’ve heard.

  2. Are we gonna get Deadpool: Merc with a Mouth review? Because it’s the best part of the Marvel Zombies storyline and, at the same time, one of the better Deadpool arcs. Also, there is a LOT of art to rage about.

  3. Hey, what ever happened to the “HELLO ME CHILLDREN!” ?

  4. honestly … i found the redemption idea laughable

    you dont murder every single life form in the whole universe and get to have a redemption after XP

  5. I actually like the idea of trying to make the marvel zombie redeemable.

  6. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    I wonder what universe the galactic zombies were transported too!!!! Oh well until next time my children.

  7. SailorRustyBacon

    “They’re someone else’s problem now!” Spoken like a true asshole, with that triumphant pose.

  8. It’s not as good as the first, but I still enjoyed it. It’s mostly because it has really good artwork. Spider-Man could have just scooped Giant Man’s brain out. I’m calling him Giant-Man, okay? I haven’t seen the Ant-Man movie. We never find out what happened to the Black Panther’s son either!

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