LOTD: Marvel Zombies Destroy

Rise of the Marvel Zombies 26.

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  1. Wow. I can’t believe it’s almost August.

  2. I’ve totally lost track of how many universes were destroyed by zombies.

  3. I may be wrong about this, and someone has probably already addressed this on your youtube page, but I’ll say it here anyway:

    When I read this comic, I got the distinct feeling that when Zombie Hyperion decided to eat the cows (and Marvel Zombies before this seemed to show a desire only for human flesh), a part of his still heroic nature detected the Mad Cow Disease within them, and surmised that this was the only way to ‘die with dignity’.

    Again, maybe I just read ti wrong, been a long while since I read that particular comic (and I only read a handfull of all the Marvel Zombie books you have gone over here).

  4. You included a blooper for something so short? Good for you! I guess this was probably the longest video in this series. This is the last one that I read. It’s better than the previous things you reviewed. It’s still not quite connected to the original Marvel Zombies.

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