LOTD: The Blair Witch Project

An adaptation of the various myths told about the witch from the film! 03/31

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  1. Bitchin’ intro you got there, Linkara. Hopefully we’ll see much more of this guy through this month.

  2. Nice use of the Suspiria theme.

  3. MidnightScreeningsman2014

    Im suprised nobody in the comment section on here and at your website totally didn’t notice hitler at 4:03 what did the comic creator just wanna create a hitler for the dark ages. I also have a nitpick about the cover because that is the laziest cover ever and they just took the poster pic and pictured it onto the comic how lazy are you!!!!!

  4. I really Wish you would do an episode on Anya’s ghost, I think it would fit perfectly with LBOTD, and is a great all around book anyway. I can’t wait to see whats up next!

  5. It’s an interesting concept and this is coming from somebody who has never (and who never wants to) see the Blair Witch Project.

  6. It’s great to pay tribute to such a significant movie. I had a teacher who said it was the worst he ever saw. I have yet to see the whole thing. We don’t get to see the witch, do we? That would be awful. There were some stupid toys that did.

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