Lotus Co-Op: Golden Axe (complete)

Get ready for some classic beat-em-up fun! VyseTheBold, PyroJackFrost, and I take on all sorts of opponents to make our way to the evil Death Adder! Let’s go crazy!

In this section I show what the console versions of Golden Axe have to offer in terms of technical differences and exclusive content! Enjoy!

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  1. It was a little painful seeing you save your magic during the Death Adder fight when I remembered how much you get before Death Bringer. Of course I’m also used to using Gilius Thunderhead, so I use magic pretty much once or twice per stage.

    Anyway, great vids, now to find my Genesis and play me some Golden Axe 2.

  2. Out of all things, the last thing that I expected in this Let’s Play was a Master of Disguise reference. I’ve never seen a game be so serious and so goofy at the same time.

    I would probably need beginner mode. Haha. Well, this ending was about 90% less goofy than the previous alternative.

  3. Do you idiots not know your power swing attacks? smgdh….get off my lawn

  4. Any chance you’d play 999, you play with (no fooling here) both a Lotus and a Prince.

    Just started on it myself, but I played the sequel “Virtues Last Reward” and found the writing pitch perfect.

  5. Imocky? Any relation to iMockery?

    I remember playing this fairly extensively on an old SEGA Genesis “Six-Pack” (although not as much as Streets of Rage or Revenge of Shinobi), and I still have another collection for the PS2 that has it so I’ll have to pop it back in at some point.

    I definitely recall beating Death Bringer before because I remember the axe to the chest, but Lord knows how long it had taken me.

    Also, after seeing that extra-special arcade ending, is anyone else expecting some sort of Italian knock off? “Golden Axe II: Through the Portal of Time.”

  6. I usually managed to beat the Arcade version with one credit with Gilius Thunderhead. He’s by far the best fighter in the game and you need only one attack to beat all the enemies: jumping in the air and coming down with the axe. It knock every enemy down with one hit and you can simply wait till they get up again and do the same thing again. It works every time, although it can be difficult if there are more than two enemies on the screen.

  7. Oh, and I played the PC version a lot in the 80s and it has the extra levels too, although I think that Death Bringer is not as tough.

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