Lotus co-op: Policenauts – Conclusion

Redwood has gone way, way too far this time.

Let’s take care of the bad guys once and for all! Prepare for the most intense shootouts yet!

The second part of Part 21. Let’s see how things wrap up!

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  1. The conclusion?! NO! LOL, I wish it was longer. The twists just keep coming. I also like how Marc actually has a reason for being in the story.

    Wow, Redwood went from being slightly creepy and a bit of a douchebag to downright evil. Gates’ monologue was so long that I’m surprised that Jonathan didn’t bleed out.

    Wait, why did they introduce the love story with Karen if they were just going to drop it at the end?? Maybe it’s because he kind of pushed away the last time that she tried making a move on him?

    • I really love how the twists kept coming, but they were actually not easy to predict. 🙂

      Also, Redwood is one of the more frustrating villains I’ve encountered in a video game, from trolling the protagonist to trolling even the player. 😛

      As for Karen, it seems that during the playthrough I missed a mention that she actually was Jonathan’s daughter. She signed the letter “your daughter,” and meant it literally. The fact that she’s alive is testament to that, as the game said that outside of a family member donating marrow, Karen had a very small chance of surviving, and we just plain blew up Gates, so he was no longer a viable donor. 😛

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