Lotus co-op: Policenauts – Parts 1-2

Vyse the Bold and I take a look at the spiritual successor to Snatcher! It starts off with noir intrigue, but it doesn’t take long for things to get action-packed!

The second part of Part 1.

The catalyst for the plot begins, and we meet an interesting person on our flight to Beyond! We also get lecherous. Yes, even this early.

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  1. This is a nice surprise. I honestly don’t know what to expect from this game, but if it’s anything like Snatcher, it should be an interesting ride.

  2. This game looks like it has an interesting style and ideas, but it really did not need an entire description of a strip club that basically boils down to “Transgender people are disgusting sub-humans, I wouldn’t ever want to even be near them, gross.” (despite supposedly taking place in the future, the whole “biovestite” dialogue is pretty much copy paste the same bigoted ranting that’s been a thing for decades both in fiction and in reality, including the outdated terminology and conflating trans people and crossdressers)

    I know Noir stories are supposed to be “gritty”, but that description doesn’t even inform us of whether it has involuntary sex work or whether the workers are there out of economic desperation. For all we know, it’s just a strip club with strippers who are fine with working there and nothing making it much different from a burlesque show, but it’s automatically something the player should gag at because trans people work there. Might as well have the character comment on a dating ad and say “It’s for bio-homos, this place is disgusting” or “Whites and N****es dating? This place has turned to hell”.

    Apologies for ranting, but that flavour text contained enough bigotry for me to stay as far away from this game as possible. I do not need more fiction telling me I’m sub-human, got enough non-fictional people telling me that.

    • Yeah, just consider that someone took the effort to write in that flavor text for the trans bar. God damn, Kojima. Fortunately, that’s the only part in the game where Jonathan expresses that kind of sentiment, and also fortunately, it itself could have been missed, as it’s not plot required, but it’s still unfortunate that it’s in the game at all.

  3. This game seems to have great attention to detail but so did Snatcher if I remember correctly.

    Okay, so far the premise is interesting.

    The city in this game makes Gotham look like a paradise. Also, I don’t know why (SPOILER) I didn’t see Lorraine’s death coming. I really should have. Oh, and well… at least the Attendant was smart and knowledgeable about her job? LOL.

    • This game sure does follow Snatcher’s lead – there’s tons of world building. Also, you’re right – this world SUCKS. Gotham is a wretched hive of scum and villainy, but even Gotham’s criminals aren’t stealing children’s freaking organs.

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