Lotus: Dino Crisis Demo Disk

Let’s take a sneak peek at not one, but THREE different areas of Capcom’s dinosaur-themed survival horror game!

Special thanks to Dracologist for the awesome title card!

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  1. I actually owned this disc! I think mine came with Resident Evil 3 on the PS1.

  2. This game sounds familiar and I don’t know why. Anyways, this demo confused me with the odd death scenes, the overly short times despite three areas, etc. However, despite those complaints, this somehow made me want to see a full Let’s Play of this game. 😀

    • I actually like that the areas were overly short, as you get gameplay context without giving too much away. The death scenes were pretty weird, though. Quick fade to red? Eh, no thanks. 😛

  3. For what it was, i enjoyed the 1st Dino Crisis. It was a neat little Ripoff of the Resident Evil series, actually made by Capcom themselves.

    Basically this held us over until the next big Resident Evil title hit.

    I can’t speak much of the sequel….there was something weird about it that i couldn’t get into. Ended up quitting about 1/3rd the way into it. And they have another sequel on the first X-Box that wasn’t too well received.


  5. I remember playing this somehow, but I on’y remember the demo parts so maybe it’s the same thing.

    It’s got that resident evil-jurassic park feeling to it; with a touch of silent hill polish. Must try this out 😀

    • Yeah, it’s not bad. I prefer how Resident Evil handled its ammo reloading via menus, but Dino Crisis requires you to pay more attention to what you read, and the puzzles actually require effort, rather than “use square crank in square hole.”

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