Lotus: Dino Crisis – Parts 10-11

Let’s settle the score once and for all! We need to grab Kirk, but Gail isn’t looking too good. Should we concentrate on the mission or save our allies?

We beat the game, but there are still the other endings to take a look at. Let’s see what could have happened! As an added bonus, let’s take a look at alternate weapon skins!

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I enjoy playing video games, and I particularly favor survival horror games.


  1. Yes, that one-liner was pretty awesome. Ok, so there was some resolution with that “soldier report” or whatever. Also, I completely LOL’d at “You Got Mad Skills”. 😀

    I like the other two scenarios more. The Battle suit looks more futuristic. It’s probably to contrast to the ancient period that you’re in danger of being brought back to, I’m guessing. I love the cavewoman weapons. They are stupidly cool!

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