Lotus: Dino Crisis – Parts 4-6

In this installment we deal with more dinosaurs, find a handgun upgrade, and discover one of the most secure doors in the game! Let’s see what’s behind it!

In this installment we make an intense escape after a security lock down, and actually find who we’re looking for! Maybe we can finally get out of here!

In this installment we finally find a way to make our great escape! Everybody, get to da choppa!

Special thanks to Roler42 for the awesome title card!

About Lotus Prince

I enjoy playing video games, and I particularly favor survival horror games.


  1. Wait, what did that dude in the gas chamber say? All I heard was “…he…”. LOL. I’ve been enjoying these Let’s Play’s but what is with Capcom and their sound mixing?

    Was Part 5’s title card a Jurassic World reference?

    Good set of videos as usual.

    • I’m sorry about the sound. I was told that switching to mono instead of stereo might help, but everything had been recorded already. :-\

      Also, yeah, the title card artists did amazing jobs. The Jurassic World one is by Roler42. 🙂

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