Lotus: Parasite Eve 13-14

In this installment we have our final showdowns, and have a climactic conclusion! However, our experience with Parasite Eve isn’t quite over just yet!

In this installment we tackle the majority of the Chrysler Building! Prepare for samples of enemies on each set of ten floors, as well as some big bad bosses!

The second part of part 14

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I enjoy playing video games, and I particularly favor survival horror games.


  1. For a horror game, the ending was like something taken out of DBZ

  2. It’s funny. I looked down for a second and then I heard “Cut out the voodoo stuff!” and I thought that you were saying it at first. Also, poor Maeda (in regards to him and Aya, that is).

    Thanks for showing the alternate gameplay. It’s appreciated.

    The alternate gameplay was like a flashback of all the music from the overall video game. So… another installment after this? … Fine by me!

    • Nah, if I were to get exasperated at Maeda, I wouldn’t jump to a word that has nothing to do with what he’s doing. 😛

      Also, yep – one last installment for the end!

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